Sending mass text alerts isn’t just for huge businesses and organizations! It’s also for small businesses, churches, family reunions, non-profits, schools, and anyone else needing to get in touch with an audience! What are some features that help make a text alert service worthwhile? 1. Sending mass text alerts by scheduling A good text alert… Read More »

If your email inbox is anything like mine, you got bombarded by about 2,000 emails over the Holidays last weekend. So many people rely on email alone to get their deals out to people. Don’t get me wrong, email is a great way to get information out to people. But the problem is, when you… Read More »

Did you know you can send mass texts with your Mobile Text Alerts account by texting in from your phone? This can be useful for if you want to get a message out quickly without having to log in to your app or log in to the control panel from a computer. A walkthrough of… Read More »

Did you know that you can not only send text messages by logging into our online control panel on our website but you can also download our mass texting app? Our mass texting app is available for iOS and Android so you can download it from your app store for free! You just need to… Read More »

Have you ever wondered how to send mass text messages? Let’s say you’re a business marketer and want to send a promotion to your customers. Or perhaps you’re a pastor and you want to let your congregants know that services are canceled due to weather. Or suppose you’re an HR manager and want to let… Read More »

Have you considered using a business texting service? points out some statistics from other companies such as “nine out of 10 consumers want to communicate with brands and companies by text” and how 90% of the leads from a particular company preferred texting to phone calls. But can a business texting service really help… Read More »

Sending text reminders can be a hugely effective way to get people to show up to events, sales, and appointments! It’s also quick and easy. 🙂 Here are a few quick tips to walk you through! Sending Text Reminders for Sales Many people use text alerts to get people to show up to their sales.… Read More »

Facebook Live is a wonderful way to grow not just a business but a community. It’s already been tapped by forward-thinking entrepreneurs striving for success. But there’s a problem. With Facebook Live you have to worry about keeping your audience from week to week. How can you keep people showing up to your live sales… Read More »

Is SMS marketing illegal? With headlines about the lawsuits pertaining to the use of mass text alerts by both Papa John’s and Grubhub in the news, you may be wondering what this means for your business SMS strategy. In this guide, we’ll be going over the wrongdoings each company made, as well as sharing the… Read More »

  One of the most common questions we get is “how do I get more subscribers?”  This post will list the most effective ways of doing just that! These tips come directly from our customers whose experiences have proven that they work.   1) Bring up your keyword and the number whenever you are talking… Read More »

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