SMS marketing services provide a powerful means of communicating with customers at a personal level. Despite advances in mobile apps and social media in the past decade, text messaging remains one of the preferred ways to communicate. As a result, SMS marketing services offer unlimited potential for generating leads. According to recent studies, the world… Read More »

If you’ve ever looked into the world of LuLaRoe, you have been subject to the success stories. That is how they hook you right? They tell you some fabulous story about some stay-at-home mom who is making $10,000 a month doing LuLaRoe. They make their own hours. They have the freedom to spend time with… Read More »

So you’re sending texts for your business or organization- But how can you be successful with text alerts? How can you make the most out of it? How can you get the best response and see the best return on your investment? Here are 11 tips that can help! Ways to be successful with text… Read More »

If you’re thinking about sending text alerts, do you know what text alert system features will benefit you for your purposes? What type of functionality do you need? What kinds of things do you want your text alert system to be able to do? Below is a list of 24 helpful text alert system features.… Read More »

Should you use text alerts for emergencies for your organization or business? And if so, when should you use text alerts for emergencies and urgent situations? It’s common knowledge that our world and society is relying more and more heavily on texting. So it follows that texting would be a quick and efficient way to… Read More »

Email drip campaigns are a popular marketing tool to help drive sales and increase engagement. But did you know you can also run SMS drip campaigns? SMS drip campaigns can be a personal and effective way to reach your audience. Potentially they can be even more powerful than email drip campaigns because they reach your… Read More »

Do you ever get frustrated at missed memos, emails, and announcements in your workplace? Ever thought about HR text alerts? But what use would a text alert system be in an office? Could it really be useful? The answer is yes! Here are some ideas for how to use text alerts for your office or… Read More »

So what is SMS marketing? Is it simply sending texts to anyone that will give you their phone number? Is it spamming pre-purchased lists with text blasts 10 times a day? In reality, SMS marketing is an effective and non-intrusive way to bring attention to your product or service. What is SMS marketing? SMS marketing… Read More »

Wanting to send mass texts through a familiar number? Our plans at typically have your messages going through one of our shared shortcodes (short numbers). But you may want a more personal touch to your messages. Or you may want to have your business’s landline as the sending number so that if people try… Read More »

What kinds of features do you need in a business texting platform? How do you know what to choose? What features will be useful to you and what will be unnecessary? Here are five features to look for in a business texting platform! Business Texting Platform Feature 1: Simple Interface You don’t want to spend… Read More »

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