A college or a university is a complicated organism.  You’ve got professors, students, staff, prospective students, parents, and volunteers.  Trying to coordinate all of these people can be exhausting, I’m sure!  One way that some colleges and universities have found to help remain organized is sending out text alerts. Here are 7 ways that colleges… Read More »

Running a daycare or a preschool is an exhausting task indeed!  Chasing those pint-sized kiddos around, wiping noses, maintaining order in the midst of all the chaos—all in a day’s work.  Daycare workers (and the parents of children in daycare) certainly need all the help they can get. One way that some daycare and preschool… Read More »

It seems like gyms, health clubs, and fitness centers/studios are a dime a dozen these days.  They are everywhere!  I see billboards all over town advertising the latest gym promotion or the newest Zumba studio.  How can a fitness organization stand out in the crowd?  One way is by sending out text alerts.  Here are… Read More »

Breaking down how small businesses use text alerts is difficult because there are such a variety of businesses that use them!  From higher-end corporations to private studios to web-based organizations, there is no shortage of small businesses that send out mass text messages.  Electric companies use them to alert customers of power outages.  Drive-in movie… Read More »

A large portion of Mobile Text Alerts customers are churches or religious organizations.  Churches represent exactly the kind of institution that Mobile Text Alerts was designed for, and they have found our services useful.  Not only do churches use text alerts for the typical purposes—information, event cancellations, etc.—but they have also found more personal purposes for… Read More »

Summer is here at last!  Summer means rejoicing because of no school and no homework.  Summer means splashing in the pool or relaxing on the beach.  And for many families, summer means camp.  Many organizations are utilizing text messaging to help make the summer camp experience better.  Here are 4 ways that summer camps can… Read More »

All right, it’s time to get your hands ready (you know you can’t resist), because what I want to talk about today is the “Y… M… C-A”!  (Cue hand motions.) The Y Seriously, though, apart from the catchy song, what’s so great about the YMCA?  Since many YMCA’s have chosen to utilize Mobile Text Alerts’… Read More »

It was brought to my attention after our post yesterday about text messaging for churches that many of our churches are using text messaging for an important thing that we forgot to mention. Several churches have had a lot of success following up with guests by text message.   Most churches already have a plan in… Read More »

Technology can be a great asset in improving your congregation’s experience. Obviously, text messaging is not required to have a successful church ministry, but just like a microphone and lights and speakers can all be tools in connecting with your people, text messaging too can be an effective way to improve your ministry.   Text… Read More »

Direct TV installations has been using text alerts for a couple of years now in order to improve customer support. They send their customers a friendly text alert letting them know “Your installation technician will be at your house in 1 hour!” How often has a service provider been scheduled to come visit your house,… Read More »

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