How can banks improve communication?  The bank industry is ever-changing and adapting to keep up with the times.  In order to remain relevant, like any business, they must conform to the needs of their customers.  In addition, banks as places of employment are learning new methods to communicate with employees in a way that… Read More »

Continuing from a previous blog post, here are Scripture verses from days 16-30 on the reading plan.  You can send out these verses as daily words of encouragement, or you can use them to help encourage your group to read through the Bible in a year. Day 16: “For the Lord gives wisdom; from… Read More »

Have you ever received texts from your hotel?  According to a CustomerThink article by Gigi Peccolo, Marriott is one of many hotel chains to have started to use text messaging to improve customer service. Ten years ago it most likely would have seemed ridiculous that anyone would ever receive a text message from a hotel, but… Read More »

Traders and stockbrokers are constantly busy, always trying to keep their customers up to date and in the know.  The stock market can be an ever-changing roller coaster of craziness, and one way that stockbrokers can help their clients wade through the craziness is by using text alerts.  With text alerts, stockbrokers can communicate to… Read More »

The role that women play in any church or non-profit organization is vital.  Without you, ladies, we men would be lost and our churches would surely crumble.  The support and gifts and uniqueness that you bring to the table allow for the church’s smooth functioning, and this is why women’s ministry is so important!  But… Read More »

Text marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses to increase profits.  Most people own cell phones and most people check their text messages often, so text marketing has huge potential to reach people in a way that other means of marketing (such as email or social media) can’t.  But how can a business use text marketing?… Read More »

So you’ve signed up for an account with Mobile Text Alerts.  Now what?  You know you want to send texts for your organization; you understand the potential.  But there are so many possibilities!  Where do you start? Or maybe you have been sending out text alerts for years and it has been working well, but… Read More »

The media is all over the place when it comes to the depiction of lawyers and law offices.  Lawyers are portrayed as heroes and as villains, as stringently adhering to ethics and as flagrantly breaking all the rules, as fighting for justice and as fighting just to earn a buck.  But as with any other… Read More »

Imagine you are sitting at home, watching TV or baking brownies or finishing up some work on your computer and all of a sudden the TV cuts off, the oven stops heating, and your computer shuts down.  The hum of clothes washing in the laundry room goes away, all the digital clocks are suddenly blank,… Read More »

It takes a lot to keep a local government functioning, no matter how small.  Whether it’s a township, village, town, city, or county, local government officials need to be able to manage and coordinate well.  They certainly have a lot on their plate, and many local government workers find that sending out text alerts helps… Read More »

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