Every pastor and church leader knows the struggle of trying to get their congregation to read the Bible on a daily basis.  But what can be done to help?  One method that can be used is text messaging.  Church leaders can have congregation members sign up to receive daily reminders to read Bible passages in… Read More »

The role that women play in any church or non-profit organization is vital.  Without you, ladies, we men would be lost and our churches would surely crumble.  The support and gifts and uniqueness that you bring to the table allow for the church’s smooth functioning, and this is why women’s ministry is so important!  But… Read More »

Many churches have wonderful, thriving children’s ministries.  Nurseries, pre-K programs, Sunday School classes, summer camps, Vacation Bible Schools—there is often a lot going on with children at church.  But with all the activities and programs going on, workers and parents can get overwhelmed.  This is where text alerts can be useful. Summer Bible Camp With… Read More »

A large portion of Mobile Text Alerts customers are churches or religious organizations.  Churches represent exactly the kind of institution that Mobile Text Alerts was designed for, and they have found our services useful.  Not only do churches use text alerts for the typical purposes—information, event cancellations, etc.—but they have also found more personal purposes for… Read More »

‘Tis the season! Christmas is all around us. Lights, trees, candles, music, cookies—we can’t get away from it! We look forward to our holiday traditions of spending time with family, opening presents, and watching our favorite Christmas movies. But have we really stopped and pondered Christmas? What is it all about? Yes, we have a… Read More »

Youth pastors and church youth group leaders have a tough job. They have to deal with so much—from drama between adolescents with raging hormones to complaining parents with unreasonably high expectations. Truly, youth pastors and leaders don’t get paid enough for their job (if they get paid anything!). Here are some tips that may help… Read More »

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