This has been an up and coming industry that has been utilizing text alerts for a couple of years now.  Many professional sport teams are using texts for special promotions, available tickets, and advertising; but what about little league teams? One great thing about Mobile Text Alerts is that it makes sending text alerts affordable… Read More »

One industry that has really started to pick up in its use of text alerts are gyms. Gyms are an ideal place to use text alerts, because they have a consistent membership, and they frequently have information they need to get out to their members.  Our current gyms use text alerts for all sorts of… Read More »

Many people use text messages as a way to recruit to their organization.  Whether this be college coaches (please comply with NCAA guidelines…), businesses, or any other industry that you can think of. Text messages are ideal for recruiting because your potential recruits are more apt to carry a cell phone and respond to your… Read More »

Today we are beginning a new series on the Mobile Text Alerts blog called “ways to use text alerts”.  Every Monday, we will be bringing to you a way that one of our customers has used text alerts to accomplish their goals (whether that be increasing sales, increasing engagement, increasing communications, or something else). Way… Read More »

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