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Can Text Alerts Help Your Paparazzi Business? – Real Stories

text alerts can help your paparazzi business

Selling Paparazzi accessories can be tough! What can you do to help your Paparazzi business?

Between keeping up on inventory, making enough sales to cover your bases, ensuring you’re in line with compliance, marketing your products, and everything else involved, it’s a lot to keep up with!

I’ll bet sometimes you feel adrift, a bit lost, seeking any assistance you can find.

Text alerts can help!

Many consultants use text alerts to notify their customers when they’re going live. This tends to greatly increase attendance, which means more sales!

Don’t believe us? Here are some real-life testimonials from text alert users.

Text alerts can help your Paparazzi business

Jennifer, “I love it all. … Thank you guys for this awesomeness!!”

Kimberly, “I absolutely love this service!! My Paparazzi business has grown so much in just the short 30 days I have had this service. I couldn’t be happier!!! Thank you!!”

Karen, “If you have not yet started using James Pelton’s Mobile Text Alerts you are giving yourself a huge disadvantage. I started a couple of months ago. I now have close to 100 subscribers and when I go live I hit 50 or 60 viewers within seconds. I attribute a lot of this to the texts alerts. It is so worth it guys, you need to be doing it.”

Elizabeth, “The service is good.”

Tasheka, “After my trial period I had to register today because I’ve seen the difference in how many people I had on my live shows when I didn’t send it out.”

Kathleen, “I love it.”

Jen, “Best way to increase sales.”

Elissa, “Thank you so much! Your customer service has been top notch and is much appreciated!”

MaryRuth, “It’s beneficial for my business.”

Jessika, “They offer so much more than you would ever get from others.”

Melinda, “My customers love getting the reminders—let’s face it, life gets busy and we lose focused on time. A quick message to remind them that I’m going ‘live’ or dropping new inventory, is appreciated by my customers.
For me it has been worth every penny for me to take control of my business instead relying on Facebook algorithms and its ever changing rules. It’s a time/game changer for me!”

The feedback speaks for itself! Are you using text alerts to help your Paparazzi business?

Try a free test account today.

Note: Some quotes have been modified for grammar or clarity.

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