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Calendar Appointments and Mass Text Reminders

Raise your hand if you have ever completely forgot about an important appointment and had to last-minute move around your day to make the appointment – or worse, miss the appointment entirely?

Although this is an online digital post and we can’t see each other, I’d bet money that you’re not the only one raising your hand right now.


Let’s face it- here in the USA, we are bombarded with things to do, people to see, and places to go. Our schedules fill up faster than our stomachs during a Thanksgiving meal. How’s that for an analogy 🙂

A missed appointment here and there is not the end of the world, but it can put a huge disruption in your schedule- as well as inconvenience you and others as you try and reschedule it.

And from the perspective of offices/businesses, a missed appointment can mean a dip in your income- and not to mention, your secretary’s time being taken with phone calls regarding rescheduling appointments. So instead of acting in response, how about trying prevention?


Welcome, Appointment Reminder text messages.



These past years, we have watched the sheer capacity of communication transform with text messaging; and we know that 95 out of 100 texts are opened and read within 3 minutes of receiving them. Text messages boast:


  1. Instant delivery
  2. Does not require a WiFi connection or a smartphone
  3. Completely bypasses overflowing email inboxes and busy social media feeds


With these advantages, what better form of communication is there to send out reminders for important appointments? Some businesses and medical offices have already taken advantage of this strategy.


But instead of searching and paying for a completely new service to do this for you,

Mobile Text Alerts is proud to offer you this functionality – FREE with your account.


Utilizing a calendar built right into your account, Mobile Text Alerts will send out two reminder texts about upcoming appointments; one reminder approximately 24 hours before the appointment, and one reminder approximately 30 minutes before!


To get started, reach out to support at Once they’ve enabled your account, you’ll see an ‘Appointment Reminders’ tab appear:



Once you click on that, you’ll find a page that has a calendar made up for you. Everything has been set up visually for you to try and provide an easy-to-use and straightforward experience. Simply click anywhere on the calendar to input an appointment date! You’ll see a pop-up window appear, asking you for the details of the appointment. Make sure that your clients who have appointments with you are listed as subscribers in your database- if they’re not your subscriber, they won’t receive your message!



When finished entering the information, just click ‘Add’!

Once this is completed, an entry will appear on your calendar with the new appointment (You can click on this entry anytime to edit it). Once you have this completed, your reminder texts are all set up! Your client will receive a reminder text approximately 24 hours before the appointment, as well as 30 minutes before- because we all know (and some of us are) those people who still forget the day of (mornings can be hectic, right?).





As a cherry-on-top of this ultra-simple treat, our development team provided the ability to integrate with Google Calendar! With this function, you can skip inputting your appointments/events into our calendar and just sync your own calendar!



To accomplish this, there has to be some way that our system can connect your Google events to which subscriber that will need to be texted. You’ll want to make sure to add the phone number of the subscriber into their appointment description. As long as it’s somewhere in the title or description, our system will pull that phone number and connect that to your subscriber list- making sure to send that subscriber a reminder text.







Once you are finished with this, simply press ‘Sync’ on your Mobile Text Alerts page!  And just like that, your Google Calendar is now integrated with your Mobile Text Alerts account!


There’s a couple things to keep in mind:


—> You can customize the reminder message! To do this, look just below the Google Calendar integration area. You’ll see an area that looks like this:

Our system provides for you to insert the First Name, Last Name, and Appointment Date, giving your clients all the information they need. Don’t forget to press ‘Save’!



—> Before inserting appointments in your Calendar, you’ll need to make sure that your clients and their phone numbers are already listed as subscribers in your account! You can update and edit your subscriber list in your ‘Subscribers’ tab –> ‘Manage Subscribers’. For more information on subscribers and increasing your subscriber base, check out our video here.



—> As always, make sure your timezone is correct! You can edit your timezone information in the ‘Settings’ tab in your account.



Say goodbye to forgetting important appointments and to losing income on ‘no-shows’! We sincerely hope you find this to be a useful addition to your Mobile Text Alerts account. Feel free to reach out to with any questions or concerns!

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