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Business Texting Platform: What Do You Need?

What kinds of features do you need in a business texting platform?

How do you know what to choose?

What features will be useful to you and what will be unnecessary?

Here are five features to look for in a business texting platform!

business texting platform

Business Texting Platform Feature 1: Simple Interface

You don’t want to spend half your time figuring out how to use the software.

You want an interface that’s easy to use and easy to train others on!

It should be a quick and easy process to set up and send messages, so you’ll want to look for something not overly complicated.

Business Texting Platform Feature 2: Group Segmentation

Depending on your business, you may want a platform that will allow you to segment your list.

This will allow you to group your subscribers into relevant segments so that you can send messages relevant to particular groups of people!

Business Texting Platform Feature 3: Multiple Administrators

Many businesses have multiple people who may be in a position to send text messages.

In this case you’ll want a texting platform that allows you to have multiple administrator log-in profiles so that you can delegate out responsibility.

Business Texting Platform Feature 4: Message Scheduling

You will want to choose a platform that gives you control over what date and time you want your message to go out.

This will help ensure that your messages will be sent at the time you want them to be sent!

Business Texting Platform Feature 5: Easy Opt-in

Having a text alert system is of no use if you can’t get subscribers loaded in!

You’ll want to make sure you select a platform that has easy options for opting in (such as texting in a keyword or going to an online sign-up page).


These are just a few features to look for when shopping around for a text alert system for your business!

These features and many more are available when you sign up for an account at – Try a free test account today!

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