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6 Ways to Crush Your Business SMS Strategy This Summer

business SMS tips for summer

Does your business experience a slow season during the dog days of summer?

Wondering how you can beat the heat and drive sales this year?

While we can’t help you tackle the former, the latter is easier to improve than you may think.

As you’ll see in this guide, there are six strategies you can take to improve your summer sales numbers and help you move the needle in a positive direction for the remainder of the year.

It all starts by sticking to this first rule.

#1: Stay Active With Your SMS Communications All Summer

Even though the warmer temperatures outside create the perfect formula for long, lazy, summer days doesn’t mean you should take the same approach with your business SMS strategy.

In fact, you should do just the opposite. Keep bringing the heat.

No matter what time of year it is, keep your SMS communications consistent so you can continue to build a community of loyal brand followers and stay top of mind with customers.

It’s especially important to do this during slower periods like the summertime.

Rather than succumbing to a drastic drop off in sales, you can get ahead of the slump, or avoid it altogether, by using mass text alerts to give your business the boost it needs to stay afloat.

To do this, send a text message at least once per week or biweekly at most and keep these next tips in mind too.

#2: Plan Ahead of Warm Weather Holidays

Far too many times companies scramble at the last minute to get out Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Labor Day discounts only to end up with modest sales numbers.

A better approach is planning ahead, especially when times are slow, so you can make a bigger splash with your subscribers.

Ideally, you should be at least 1-2 months ahead with your content calendar so your team has ample time to create a campaign idea, execute it, and adjust if needed.

For example, Independence Day falls on the 4th of July every year, even if the exact day of the week changes. So you should start your SMS campaign plans by May 4th or June 4th at the latest.

when to send mass text alerts this summer

And if the day of the week works in your favor this year, you can use this selling point to your advantage in your mass texts.

But, holidays aren’t the only promotions to include in your content calendar.

Offers and giveaways can also help you crush your business SMS strategy this summer as well.

#3: Use Bigger Incentives During Slower Periods

If your business is really slow during the hotter months, you may need to up the ante with an offer too good to pass up.

BOGOs, or buy one get one deals, can work really well for this.

So if you’re selling items in the summer, for example, try using a BOGO with a Stock Up for Season message and you’ll drive sales during normally slow periods.

BOGOs also work with referrals.

In this case, send out a deal to your customers via mass text to let them know they and a friend can both enjoy 20% off.

This raises your chances of making not one but two sales and increases your customer following if the referral ends up creating a new customer.

You can and should also pair your incentives with one or several big contests to increase customer engagement.

#4: Create a Summer Giveaway

Summer is the perfect time to host a giveaway and drive engagement.

For anyone left behind without vacation plans, you can give them incentive to take action and hopefully win something cool and unforgettable this summer thanks to your brand.

To do this, brainstorm a few hot ticket items and consider creating a summer giveaway spanning the entire three months of the season so you can really boost engagement.

You should include this in your content plan (see tip #2) so your team has plenty of time to prepare for it, which is also the same advice for these final two strategies.

#5: Host an Event

With warmer weather comes the urge to get outdoors and soak up all the sun. And your customers are all for it.

So one way to help them achieve this summer goal is to host a local event outside.

You’ll need to adjust for both rain and/or high temperatures, depending on where you live, but it’s a great way for your customers to get to know your brand face-to-face.

business SMS strategy for summer

You can even showcase your best summer-worthy pieces and samples to hopefully drive sales and new SMS subscribers.

And if your customers are also online (or only online), you can drive sales using mass text alerts with links to your Facebook page so you can hold a Facebook Live event for anyone who can’t be there in person.

This is the perfect way to include everyone and it also helps you cast a wider sales net. Plus, when you combine this advice with the next tip, you can easily double or triple your impact while also aligning yourself with more members in your community.

#6: Partner With Other Businesses in Your Community

Instead of putting on the event from tip #5 alone, why not include a few of your fellow neighbors?

This can help you attract more people and helps strengthen your brand’s ties within your local community, two things every business can benefit from.

Start browsing your local businesses to see which companies may complement your offerings. Then reach out to them with your summer event or promotion idea. Do this and you’ll open up your brand to audiences beyond your own, which can also help you crush your summer sales targets.

All it takes is a few simple mass text alerts to drive people to your community event where you can meet both potential customers and neighbors.

Don’t Let a Summer Slump Affect Your Sales

With these six tips in your business SMS toolkit, there’s no reason the summer months shouldn’t be your hottest time of the year for conversions.

So plan out your summer promotions early enough, keep in touch with your subscribers via fun, engaging content, and cool off in the shade with a fruity umbrella drink while your mass text alerts move your brand closer to your ultimate sales goals.

To get started with a business SMS service, start your free 14-day trial by visiting this page now!

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