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Bracket Races Uses Mobile Text Alerts to Get Info Out Quickly and Effectively

Use Mobile Text Alerts to Get Info Out Quickly and Effectively

Bracket Races, owned by Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel and based out of New York, hosts 3 drag race events throughout the United States yearly. Seipel says, “We are known in the industry as the most well run and fun events to attend. … Between the three events, we have over 1200 racers attend.”

Peter Biondo

With 400-600 racers at each event, the owners needed a way to communicate with families and employees regarding updates for each day’s race. Seipel says,

“We first used a text service in 2016, customer feedback was great but the service we used was more of a cost then we wanted to spend. I searched the internet and was able to speak to Austin [sales rep] and explained our needs and signed up.”

Seipel says they chose Mobile Text Alerts because of positive interactions with sales and “good pricing.” They appreciate the ability to easily organize subscribers/groups for each event they put on.

Kyel Seipel

“The biggest thing is communicating with our race as far as when to get their race car to the staging lanes, winning prizes and any changes we have made on the fly throughout the day.”

Before using text alerts, they “solely depended on the announcing made at the track along with social media.” Text alerts have allowed them to reach people in a more effective and efficient way!

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