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How to Boost Marketing Campaign Results with MMS

how to boost your next marketing campaign with mms

As more and more brands start using MMS, it’s time to join them and explore what this medium could do for your next marketing campaign. MMS allows you to go beyond the normal restrictions of text marketing, including wordcounts and the need for basic characters, to show a little more.

With an MMS you can send pictures or video clips, or even music. That gives you so much more scope for creativity, and means you can get across the important messages in more ways than one.

It’s a very exciting way to market, and you can get a lot out of it in terms of results. But how to start? Here are some fantastic ideas!

Set things up

The first step is to make sure that people sign up to receive your text alerts, as otherwise you will not be able to send them. Then you can gather data and decide which section of your database you will be sending the MMS to!

It’s also important to schedule when your messages will go out – the date and time are both important. The great thing about text marketing is that it targets a device that people are already spending their whole day looking at. Grab your audience at a time when they will be able to look at the message and also follow up on it.

Use your data

Don’t just send the same message out to all of the people in your database. You can refine it by certain criteria and make the message more personalized. A real-world example of this was when BMW sent out an MMS to their customers based on what kind of car they had. This helped customers to make a purchase that was more relevant to them.

It also means that you won’t be wasting money on the wrong message. Let’s say you sell baby clothes and want to push your new line for infants under one year old. Looking through your database and refining it to those customers who have registered as having newborns will help you to target only the customers that might purchase it. The range will be useless for parents of kids aged 5+. Be smart with your targeting!

Be personal

There’s something impersonal about a mass message, but with MMS you can still compensate for that and turn it on its head. If you personalize the MMS to each customer, you will surely increase brand loyalty and gain more attention. You could use their first name in a video or image which is sent to them, generated by some clever technology. Or you could make sure to reference something they have purchased, as with the BMW example above.

If you make an appeal directly to a person, you will gain more interest than if you throw out a wide net. That’s why your MMS campaigns should have a small-time thought process even when applied on a large scale.

Remember that we normally get messages only from our friends and family, and try to put your brand in one of those categories for the best results!




As self-admitted technology addict and a very passionate blogger, Grace Harrison never misses a chance to share some of her knowledge online. Her main interests include the ways technology might be used to help businesses grow and promote themselves. Currently, Grace is supporting Divvy – parking and safety application for drivers.

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