Best URL Shorteners: How to Squeeze More in Your SMS Campaign

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If you’re looking for some creative ways to boost your company’s online presence and enhance exposure to your target audience, you may want to consider launching an SMS marketing campaign. Plenty of businesses are investing in this unexpected marketing channel – and that’s because text messages work.

In this day and age, consumers treat smartphones as extensions of themselves and always keep them within reach. Mobile interactions are very personal and easily boost consumer engagement with the brand or product.

A critical feature of SMS marketing is its immediacy. All it takes is hearing the beep of a notification and a quick glance at the screen to get the message. One study suggests a smashing 98 percent open rate for texts. And that’s not the end of it. More than one-third of recipients positively respond to calls-to-action included in these messages.

One way to add instant value to your SMS marketing messages is to include a URL to specific online content, for instance, a landing page for your new product. The biggest challenge you’re likely to face is fitting your entire message into the somewhat limited 160 characters allowed in a single SMS message. That’s where you should consider shortening your URL.

There are at least a few benefits of shortening your URLs for SMS marketing (we’ll get to a list of the best URL shorteners a bit later).

1. You gain extra space

Adding a long URL reduces the number of characters available for your message. Since an SMS can contain up to 160 characters, every single one counts a lot. You need to make the most out of this space, and shortening your URL is an excellent idea.

With a URL shortening tool, you can limit your URL to 12 characters to gain back lots of valuable space for your marketing messaging and successfully persuade recipients to follow your calls-to-action.

2. Speed of response

SMS marketing is characterized by a really fast response rate. You can practically trace the response to your message as it unfolds. Doing this, you’ll be able to make quick decisions and boost your click-through results.

A shortened URL can be moved from the top to the middle and bottom of the message experiment with its structure and count in other factors to develop a strategy that works for your target.

3. Improved reporting

By adding a shortened URL to your message, you’ll be able to develop an individual code for each message sent to an individual number. This is of immense value for reporting you can easily see who opens your messages and clicks through to the targeted URL. Most analytics tools will also show you how recipients are accessing this URL too.

4. Boost in SMS marketing campaign agility

With a wealth of tracking data at your disposal, you’ll be able to closely monitor your campaign and retarget it in a matter of minutes. If your click-through rates are lower than expected, analyze possible reasons for that result and experiment with different message formats. If they are high, you’ll have solid proof that your message resonates with your target audience.

5. This type of marketing has a future

Since technology develops at an increasing pace, it’s hard for businesses to stay on the leading edge of innovation. Still, it’s clear that we’re moving toward solutions that allow brands to interact with consumers on a personal level. Personalization of marketing messaging is a strong trend and brands are likely to capitalize on SMS marketing with its connection to the online world via smart shortened URLs.

Best URL Shorteners

Now that you know that shortening your URLs is a good idea, here are some of the best URL shorteners to help you tailor your SMS marketing campaign to make the most from it.

All these tools allow you to track the number of recipients who click on the link and are compatible with both iOS and Android.

Use them to shorten your URLs and deliver SMS marketing messaging that resonates with your audience and boasts a high click-through rate. Start your SMS marketing campaign today to help your brand to grow in its niche.

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