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Bad weather is coming. To cancel, or not to cancel?

When there is bad weather on the horizon and you have an event planned for the evening, should you cancel that event, or let it go? That is the dilemma thousands of churches, clubs, schools, and other businesses had to face last night as severe thunderstorms and tornadoes plunged through the midwest.

Sometimes the answer is obvious. If you have an F4 tornado that is going straight through your town, the decision on whether to cancel or not is probably a no-brainer. But usually, it is not quite so quick and dry. What if you are in a thunderstorm watch? What if there is supposed to be heavy rain and it is an outdoor activity?

Often this uncertainty leaves people confused, frustrated, and scattering around to try and find an answer.

Text Alerts have been an affordable solution to this problem for tens of thousands of people. Send out a quick text saying “Bible study is cancelled tonight” or “We are still on for the pot-luck today,” or “The gym will be open until 6pm due to weather” and the up-in-the-airness of the situation is immediately gone. This leads to happier customers/members, better attendance, and just an overall sense that you are professional, and that you have the event well-planned.

Try a free test account, and start sending weather related text alerts in about 20 seconds.

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