Avoid Service Calls With Text Alerts

April 22, 2014 | Back to the Blog

Outages are something that no company wants to deal with, but are a reality in our world today.  There is simply no way to guarantee 100% uptime in companies that rely on millions of little circuits transferring data back and forth thousands of times every second.  Just ask the over 3 million users of hostgator who last week dealt with a 17 hour outage.

So with the inevitability of downtime, what can your company do?

Text Alerts can’t help keep your server up and running, but it can help deal with the aftereffects of an outage.



Normally, when there is an outage, your call center instantly receives hundreds of calls asking and complaining about the outage.  These calls instantly swamp your call center and lead to long wait times for customers calling in, which makes them even more irate.

This problem can be solved with text alerts.  First, you can utilize our text API to have your server automatically send your IT staff a text message when there is an outage.  Once you realize you have an outage, you can immediately send out a text alert to your customers saying “We have a current outage that we are working on, we will keep you updated.”  This keeps customers calm, and keeps them from calling in.

Do you have a plan for when your service inevitably goes down?

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