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Automatically Run Your Loyalty Rewards With BLESS

Since we added BLESS integration to Mobile Text Alerts, it’s made all kinds of new functionality available to our LuLaRoe users.

One huge feature we’ve been able to add, is integrating our Loyalty Rewards program with the LuLaRoe BLESS system, so that you can keep track of your customer’s loyalty rewards automatically without having to do anything on your end!

Here’s how it works–


Make sure you are integrated with BLESS

Before you can integrate your loyalty rewards with BLESS, you need to make sure you are connected with BLESS.

Integrate Your Mobile Text Alerts account with BLESS

Go to the integrations page, and click the “Integrate with BLESS” button. Enter your BLESS details, and click “Integrate” to connect.



Integrate Loyalty Rewards With BLESS

Now, you can go over to the Loyalty Rewards page.

The Loyalty Rewards Page

You’ll notice, that once you are connected to BLESS, a box appears that allows you to “Automatically sync rewards with BLESS orders.”

Turn that to “On” and Mobile Text Alerts will begin the integration with BLESS to handle your loyalty rewards.

Auto sync BLESS with loyalty rewards

With this integration on, once per day, Mobile Text Alerts will check your BLESS account for new orders from the past 24 hours, and add a “star” for each item purchased (free items and cancelled items do not count).

Mobile Text Alerts will then send you a daily email letting you know who all earned “stars”, and who is now eligible for a reward.

Email Report

You can also check the number of purchases and rewards earned by all your customers by scrolling down.

Loyalty Rewards Customers



Your Loyalty Rewards Settings

For your loyalty program to be run exactly how you would like it, we have some settings that you can tweak:

Loyalty Rewards Settings

What time each day should the system check BLESS for new orders? – Mobile Text Alerts is going to check BLESS for new orders once per day. With this setting, you can set what time you would like this check to run. All times are CT.

Automatically notify customers about purchases – This setting can be turned on or off. If it is on, when someone receives a star or a reward, the system will automatically text them letting them know how many stars they received, and how close they are to their next reward. If this setting is off, you will need to contact people manually.

Example text message for loyalty rewards

Number of purchases before reward – How many purchases does someone need to make before they are eligible for a reward?



Manually Tweaking Number of Purchases

You may find from time to time that you need to manually tweak the number of purchases for a particular customer. The Loyalty Rewards page can handle this as well.

Manually Add/Remove Purchases

Simply select the customers that you need to edit, and then click either “Add Purchases” or “Remove Purchases”



We hope you find this helpful! We very much appreciate our LuLaRoe customers and hope to make your life a little easier every day.

Please reach out if you have any feedback on this feature, or any other Mobile Text Alerts features. Also, let us know if you have ideas for ways to make Mobile Text Alerts more useful to you as a LuLaRoe Retailer


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