Automatically invite your BLESS customers to sign-up for text alerts

October 17, 2017 | Back to the Blog

Note: LuLaRoe has blocked all third party access to BLESS for the time being. You can still import BLESS customers using our new tutorial



One common problem LuLaRoe consultants have with their text alerts systems is “how do I get subscribers to sign up to receive text alerts?”

We’ve made this process a little easier for you.



Now, you can integrate your Mobile Text Alerts account with your LuLaRoe BLESS account, and invite your BLESS customers to receive text alerts!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Go to the Integrations Page

You can get to the integrations page by clicking either the “Import Subscribers from BLESS” link under “LuLaRoe Tools”
Import Subscribers From Bless

Import Subscribers From Bless


Or you can click “Integrations” under “Subscribers”



Step 2 – Connect your account to BLESS

On the Integrations page, integrate with Bless by entering your BLESS email and password
Integrate with Bless

Enter your BLESS username and password

Once you integrate, you should see a success notice letting you know that you are good to go.


Step 3 – Invite your BLESS customers

Now that you are integrated with BLESS, you can Invite Customers to join your text alerts subscribers list
Invite Customers

This sends out an invitation message to all your BLESS customers asking them to reply “subscribe me” to be added to your text alerts. This helps it so that only your customers who are actually interested in receiving your alerts will be signed up.


Step 4 – Your customers reply to your invitation, and are added to your text alerts list!

After the invitation is sent out to your customers, they have the option of replying “subscribe me” to your message to be automatically added to your texting list.

Once they reply, they are immediately added, and receive your welcome message

Subscribe Me


Step 5 (Optional) – Automatically add new BLESS customers

If you would like, you can check the “Automatically add new customers” box.
Automatically Invite New Customers

If you check this box, once per day Mobile Text Alerts will check your BLESS account for any new subscribers that haven’t been invited before, and will send them an invitation to join your text list.



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About James Pelton

James Pelton is the Founder and CEO of Mobile Text Alerts

22 thoughts on “Automatically invite your BLESS customers to sign-up for text alerts

  • This is absolutely amazing. I’m so happy I logged in tonight to find this feature! THANK YOU!

  • HIlary says:

    This is great! Thanks!

  • Fantastic new feature! Thank you!

  • ambre maehler says:

    I like this feature, maybe I will stick around

  • Ashleigh E Copenhaver says:

    this is awesome but is there a way to see/change what the message will say before I send it out to everyone?

    • Samuel Evan says:

      Great question! At this time there’s not a way to customize the invitation message but it will include your keyword (you can edit your keyword under your Settings) and will tell your customers to reply “subscribe me” if they want to be subscribed to your text alerts.

    • James Pelton says:

      Hi Ashleigh!
      We actually just added the ability to edit/view the invitation message on the Integrations page 🙂 — Give it a try and let us know if you have any other questions

      • Ashleigh Copenhaver says:

        James, you guys are amazing!!! I logged on this morning to integrate with Bless and I saw you added that feature! Thank you so much for doing that!!!
        Also, I really appreciate you and Sam! I have been asking a lot of questions the last few days and you both have been amazing! I truly appreciate your support!!!

      • Ashleigh Copenhaver says:

        Sorry another question, if I have to automatically invite new customers, when they sign up in Bless, should it invite them right away or does it take time?

  • Jane Allen says:

    This is Amazing! I tried this for mail chimp as well but it wouldn’t add more than 10 customers. I have over 2500. Any Ideas?

  • Trudy Hankins says:

    What if I ask for organic subscribers before inviting BLESS customers? Will the people who have already signed up but are in BLESS be asked to sign up again or will they be filtered out automatically?

  • Kristin Rubio says:

    Is there a way to pick and choose which bless customers receive the email? I have some consultant friends who are registered with me who I wouldn’t want the text to go to, and also duplicate accounts from customers who registered more than once.

    • Samuel Evan says:

      Hi there, thanks for reaching out! At this time the invite will go to all your BLESS contacts, but only one invite will go out to each number so if you have duplicates they shouldn’t receive multiple invites. I will forward on your feedback about wanting to pick and choose which customers receive the invitation so that development can take it into consideration for future improvements!

  • Tina says:

    So we can customize the text alerts we want our customers to see? For example, create one letting our customers know I’m about to go live?

  • Rebecca J Zimmerman says:

    How do I get to the integration page?

  • Libby says:

    I go to integrations but don’t see Bless there… what am I doing wrong?

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