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Authors, Politicians, Journalists Sending Push Notifications Via Text Alerts?

push notifications via text alerts

Text Alerts vs. Push Notifications

When you think about it, the ideas behind both push notifications and SMS text alerts share a lot in common.

  • They both alert you of information relevant to you.
  • They both are conveniently accessible from your personal device (smartphone, tablet, etc.).
  • They are both short and to-the-point.

In fact, the only major difference between them seems to be the means by which the messages are sent—text alerts are sent via conventional text messaging outlets, while push notifications are usually specific to an app on your device.


Melody Kramer of Poynter recognizes these similarities and suggests that SMS text messages may actually be a good method for sending push notifications.

Kramer discusses how these kinds of notifications can be used and points out how authors such as Kelly Sue DeConnick and politicians such as Hillary Clinton are already sending similar kinds of text messages.  Kramer presents the following hypothetical ideas:

Imagine the following: the World Cup is taking place and you can sign up for push notifications from the sports columnists in each team’s location….as well as a historian who will put the events in context…or maybe a guide who will explain the ins and outs of soccer, in real time. Or maybe you could send a text message comment to a news organization, who might send out your comment to other followers as a push notification — creating an incentive to leave better comments as well as another platform for audience interactions.

How Could You Use Text Alerts as Push Notifications?

Exploring the possibilities can be fun and exciting.  Could sending “push notifications” by way of text alerts benefit your organization?  In what ways could these kinds of text messages increase interactivity with your target group (your customers, your church congregation, your club members, or whatever audience you are trying to connect with)?

Feel free to try out a free test account of Mobile Text Alerts to see if sending out text alerts is right for you and your organization.

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