Using a mass-texting service like Mobile Text Alerts is beneficial for a variety of users. For one, a mass texting service allows you to pre-record voice messages and automatically send those messages at a later time. Whether you own a business and are scheduling texts to use in your marketing campaign or you’re running for political office and need to pre-record voice messages to send to voters, a mass texting service is a must-have communications tool. Schools, doctor offices, city governments, and local news stations can all benefit from this technology. Simply follow the steps in your Mobile Text Alerts settings to get started.

  1. Contact us.

You can contact us via the contact form, email (, phone (402-805-1228), or the chat box on the homepage.  Request to be enabled for phone alerts, and a representative will get your account set up to use the feature.

  1. Record a message.

After we have enabled your account for phone alerts, you will receive an email with your PIN number.  You can then dial 201-351-4428.  The system will ask for your PIN number and then you can follow the instructions that the system gives you to record your message.  (Note: if you ever lose or forget your PIN number, contact us and we can retrieve it for you.)

  1. Send your message.

When you are done recording, log in to your account and go to the “Send a Phone Message” page.  (You can find the link on the navigation bar to the left of your screen when you are logged in to your account.)

phone messages

From this page you will first select whether you want your voice message to be sent out immediately, or if you want to schedule it to be automatically sent out at a later date/time.

send message now

Then you select which recipients you want to receive your message.  You can do one of the following:

  • You can check the “Send Message to All Subscribers” box. This will send your voice message to every number that is on your account.
  • You can type in the name of one or more of your groups. This will only send your message to the members who are a part of that group (more on groups here).
  • You can select recipients individually by checking the “Send Message” box of each number that you want to receive your message.

select recipients

Lastly, scroll to the bottom of the page to select the message that you want to send.  Click on the row of the message to highlight it.  Then click “Send Phone Message” and your message will be sent!

select message to send

To make sure that you have the right message before you send it, you can hear the pre-recorded message by clicking the “Preview Message” arrow.  You can also search for messages using the search bar.

Mass Texting Services Pricing

Phone alerts are priced according to how many phone messages you want to include in your mass texting service.  The usual rates are:

500 calls/month – $15/month

2,000 calls/month – $48/month

5,000 calls/month – $115/month

10,000 calls/month – $222/month

25,000 calls/month – $525/month

So for the 500-call plan, for example, you are able to send up to 500 phone calls in a month for $15.  Additional calls can be purchased for $.03 per phone call.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our mass texting services and for answers to any questions you may have. Set up your online SMS service with Mobile Text Alerts today! 

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Having the ability to organize your subscribers into groups is an important feature of any SMS marketing service. With Mobile Text Alerts, you can add, edit, and remove groups and subscribers via the Control Panel, which makes it easier to keep your subscriber lists updated. You no longer have to comb through individual records to find the subscribers you seek.

Our SMS marketing service is especially helpful for marketers at all types of organizations. You don’t have to individually select recipients each time you want to send a message. Get started with our online SMS service and see how much time you can save.

Table of contents:

I. Adding Groups

II. Adding Subscribers to Groups

III. Removing Subscribers from Groups

IV. Editing and Deleting Groups

V. Other Things to Know

I. Adding Groups

Step 1: Go to the “Manage Groups” page

To add a group, first log in to your account at  Then click on “Manage Groups” on the left side of your screen:

manage groups

You will then see this page:

manage groups2

Step 2: Click “Add a Group”

To add a group, click the green “Add a Group” button towards the top of your screen.  A new row will be added to the table:

add a group

Step 3: Edit group information

Information you can edit after clicking “Add a Group” includes the following:

  • Name – type in the group’s name. (This is the only information that is necessary to enter; the rest is optional.)
  • Hide Group – check this box if you don’t want your group to show up on your sign-in page.
  • Group Keyword – you can type in a keyword for your group here. Then, when subscribers text in to be added to your text alerts system, they can use this keyword to be automatically added to this specific group.
  • Welcome Message – type in a welcome message for your subscribers. This message will be texted to anyone who is added to your group.

Step 4: Click “Save”

After you are finished editing information for your group, click “Save” to save your changes.  Click “Cancel” to erase your changes.

II. Adding Subscribers to Groups

Option 1: Add subscribers manually

You can add subscribers to your group manually from the Control Panel.


  • Step 2: Click on the row of a subscriber (or hold shift and click on the rows of multiple subscribers) that you want to add to your group.

remove subscriber

  • Step 3: Click “Add Subscribers to Group” towards the middle of your screen and then select from the drop-down menu which group you want to add your subscriber(s) to.

add subscribers

Option 2: Have subscribers sign up for groups on your sign-up page

Your subscribers will have the option to sign up for your various groups from your sign-up page (unless you opted to “hide group” when you added or edited your group information).

Subscribing to groups for sms marketing

Your subscribers can simply check which groups they want to be added to, click “Sign Up Now,” and they will be automatically added to those groups.  (More information about the sign-up page can be found here.)

Option 3: Have subscribers text in to a group

People can text the Group Keyword for a group to 662-200-4303 to be subscribed to your account and automatically added to your group. You can designate a Group Keyword for you groups on the Manage Groups page.

III. Removing Subscribers from Groups

Option 1: Remove subscribers from groups on the “Manage Subscribers” page


  • Step 2: Click on the row of a subscriber (or hold shift and click on the rows of multiple subscribers) that you want to remove from your group.

remove subscriber

  • Step 3: Click “Remove Subscribers from Group” towards the middle of your screen and then select from the drop-down menu which group you want to remove your subscriber(s) from.

remove subscriber menu

Option 2: Remove subscribers from groups on the “Manage Groups” page

manage groups

  • Step 2: Click “View Members” on the row of the group that you would like to remove subscribers from. Another box will show up on your screen showing you a list of all the members in that group.

view members

  • Step 3: Click the “Remove from Group” arrow on the row of the subscriber that you want to remove from that group.

remove from group


IV. Editing and Deleting Groups

Go to the “Manage Groups” page to edit or remove your groups.

manage groups


To edit a group, click on the pencil-and-paper icon under the “Edit” column of the group that you would like to edit:

editing groups

You can then enter in new information regarding your group:

add a group

(For an explanation of what these edit fields mean, see Step 2 of “Adding Groups” above.)  Don’t forget to click “Save” when you are done editing!


To delete a group from your account, click the trash can icon on the group you would like to remove.  Or select the group(s) that you would like to remove and click the red “Remove Groups” button:

removing groups

Note: this will not delete any of the subscribers in that group.


V. Other Things to Know

There are a few other features on the “Manage Groups” page that you might find helpful.


Type a query into the search box on your keyboard to quickly find a specific group on your account.  This is especially useful if you have a large number of groups on your account.


Copy to Clipboard

Clicking the “Copy to Clipboard” button next to the search bar will copy a list of your groups to your clipboard.  You can then paste the list into a different document on your computer or device.

copy to clipboard


Click “Export” to transfer your list of groups onto a spreadsheet that you can download onto your computer or device.  You can export your list as a CSV, Excel, or PDF document, or you can select “Print” to see a printer-friendly version of the page that you can print from your browser.


View Members

You can see a list of all the subscribers that belong to a specific group by clicking “View Members” on that group’s row.

view members-2

Clicking “View Members” will cause this screen to come up, showing a report of all the members’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses:

view members-3

Explore more ways an SMS marketing service can work for you to share communications with your customers.

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Your gym members have busy lifestyles that keep them on the run during the day. When you need to reach out with an important announcement or helpful message, you need an efficient way to make contact. Short message service is the perfect answer, offering a simple method for connecting with gym members quickly and reliably.

Consider the following top 10 situations where our short message service might have saved the day for gym patrons who were ultimately inconvenienced and upset by what they found on arrival.


1. Letting Customers Know When Your Showers Don’t Work

Nobody wants to workout hard and then be faced with the prospect of waiting until they get home to shower off the layer of sweat and stink.

It literally stinks.

Obviously you cannot control shower problems, but you can control how fast you get the word out to save your customers from a very icky inconvenience.

A Text Message Alert Example could say,  

“Showers not working right now. Plumber should fix by 5 p.m. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Of course, you would change the time of the fix.

Letting your customers know when the dilemma is over is the key to good customer service.

2. When Class Schedules Change Suddenly

Clearly, unexpected schedule changes are a serious inconvenience to your clients.

You absolutely need to send out a text message blast to make sure every client knows about changes that affect them and their schedules.

Sending text alerts as soon as a change happens with the daily schedule of classes mitigates many unhappy customers.

A Text Message Alert Example could say,

“Jennifer’s spin class canceled today. Will resume same time next week. Thanks for your patience.”

You can change the text if someone else can step in and substitute teach.


3. When The Gym Is Overcrowded

If you know what your busiest times of day are, you want to make sure you post or send out alerts to customers right away.

Some people only have so much time to workout before they need to be home or work, so ensuring they can know how busy you are during specific times of day in real time can help them plan their day more effectively.

That way, your customers get the most out of their workout time.

A Text Message Alert Example :

“We’re popular! The gym is packed. You might try in a few hours if you want to guarantee some time on our equipment.”


4. When The Gym is Not Crowded

Many of your customers prefer to go to the gym when no one is there in order to guarantee that they will have easy access to equipment.

Maybe some clients just want some peace and quiet while they sweat to the oldies.

Others, however, prefer to be in the gym when it is busy because they are more social and enjoy working out when it is not just them all alone.

Whatever their preference, letting customers know via text alert if the gym is quiet and uncrowded is also essential to improving their overall gym experience.

A Text Message Alert Example ,

“Great time to come in for a 30-minute workout. We’ve got plenty of bikes open.”


5. The Gym is Closed

This is a major reason to send out real-time text alerts regularly, especially if you are a 24/7 operation.

People can often only go to the gym very late or very early, and not being able to complete their daily workout not only throws of their fitness routine, but also their overall daily routine.

If clients show up to work out on a day you had to close unexpectedly, they are going to be very upset.

Honestly, who could blame them?

A Text Message Alert Example ,

“Sorry, but we had to close due to unforeseen circumstances. We’ll let you know when we’re back in business!”



6. When Gym Equipment is Broken

Not keeping customers updated about certain equipment being inoperable is not only frustrating and inconvenient, but it’s also downright dangerous.

Nobody wants to be injured while working out even under the best of conditions, so a customer getting hurt in a preventable situation is a great way to lose business and open yourself up to a potential lawsuit.

Sending out alerts to let customers know when equipment is down protects you and them.

A Text Message Alert Example :

“Two of our three treadmills are out of service today. Hopefully, they’ll be ready in a couple of days.”

One thing to remember is to not guarantee anything until you’re sure your business is ready to go.

7. Promotional Deals & Sales Offers

Gaining new members is a top priority for any gym, and running promotions and special offers is a great way to get more potential long-term customers in the door.

However, when you don’t promote these to your existing members to drive referrals, or when you don’t post accurate information on your website or mobile app, you need an additional means of sending out reliable notices of promotions and incentives.

A short message service is an excellent way to notify members of upcoming promotions and specials in real time.

It’s also a great way to let everyone know when those promotions end to save on confusion and frustration for new customers.

A Text Message Alert Example :

“For the next two weeks, refer a friend and get half off the next three months!”



8. Motivating Your Members

Send motivating messages out regularly to all your members via short message service, and help them stay focused and tracking toward their personal fitness goals.

A Text Message Alert Example :

“Work off those holiday pounds and get in shape for Valentines Day with our newest stationary bikes!”



9. Sending Healthy Recipes To Encourage Better Diet

Fitness experts and nutritionists agree that you are only as fit and capable of fitness as the fuel you put in your body.

Send your members links via text to help them eat better and see better results from their workouts.

A Text Message Alert Example:  

“Check out this great vegan smoothie packed with vitamins and great taste!”


10. Encouraging Members To Come Back

Sometimes we fail at getting or staying fit.

It happens to the best of us.

Send out some support and encouragement to those members who haven’t come by for a while with a text message inspiration.

It could be a quote, a message, or even be a special incentive offered on a specific day to encourage members to come in and work out on a specific day.

Whatever you choose, use your text alerts to help your customers get back on track.

A Text Message Alert Example :

“We miss you. Did you know we added tons of new stuff since you saw us last? Come back in for a free two-week trial before signing anything.”


Ultimately, there are many more good reasons to use a text alert system at your gym to offer a superior customer service experience.

Look into setting up a text alert system today for FREE, and start being the first choice in town for great workouts instead of the gym that people complain about on social media. Learn more about setting up your SMS service with our short message service solutions today.

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5 Tips for business texting etiquette

Business texting is becoming as common as an email or phone call. It’s quick and efficient, which is ideal for today’s busy professionals.

While you certainly could confine your communications entirely to text, it’s not always appropriate to do so. There’s a fine balance to proper business SMS use. Texting about complicated topics can confuse an issue, while using text too casually can diminish your essential sense of professionalism. Learn how you can carefully curate your business texting activities to maintain proper etiquette with all your client communications with these tips below. (Some of these ideas were borrowed from Business Insider, Laura Stack, and Miss eM@nners).

  1. Don’t use too many abbreviations

While an occasional abbreviation may be appropriate, especially when considering that texts are confined to a maximum of 160 characters, an overuse of abbreviations can come across as unprofessional and even childish.  So be careful not to LOL too much.

  1. Don’t text during a meeting

You may think you’re being subtle when you text during a meeting, but everyone around you knows what you’re doing.  Texting while someone else is leading a meeting or giving a presentation gives the impression that you really don’t care about what they have to say.

  1. Be careful of auto-correct

We all know the embarrassment of accidentally sending a message with unintended words due to auto-correct.  Just be sure to double-check what you are sending before you hit “send.”

  1. Text sparingly

Don’t become a texting fiend.  No one in a business setting wants to receive several texts from you per day.  Use texting only for short, uncomplicated messages.  Anything requiring a detailed explanation or a lot of back and forth should most likely be done in person or via email.

  1. Don’t use texting to communicate bad news

No employer wants to read in a text message that you’re quitting your job.  By the same token, no employee wants to get a text message saying that they’re fired.  Sending these kinds of messages via texting is tacky, unprofessional, and inconsiderate.

Business texting can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.  The main thing to remember is to simply have common sense.  And if you’re unsure about whether or not a certain texting behavior is appropriate in your situation, just ask your employer/co-worker (etc.) to make sure you know what the expectations are.

Take some time to learn more about the benefits of an online SMS service from Mobile Text Alerts.

Image from Notable

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LuLaRoe retailers, we now have a feature to help you keep track of your inventory for your Mobile Text Alerts control panel!

To access this feature, go to the LuLaRoe Tools tab on your control panel (if this tab does not show up for you, you may need to go to your Settings and select “LuLaRoe” as your industry from the drop-down menu):

From here you will be able to view, add, edit, and delete your inventory items. Click the “Add Inventory Lot” button to add inventory items and fill out the information provided:

Once you hit “Save,” your inventory lot will be added to the list and you can edit or delete it at any time:

Is this feature useful to you? What can we do to make it better? Please contact us with any feedback or questions!



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Did you know you can integrate your Mobile Text Alerts with other services using Zapier?

All you have to do to get the integration started is to click the “Integrate with Zapier” button under the Subscribers->Integrations tab on your Mobile Text Alerts control panel:

When you click that, it should prompt you to log in with your Zapier account (or sign-up with Zapier).

Once logged in, you can then create a “Zap” with Mobile Text Alerts as the Action app (note that the Trigger function does not currently work, so Mobile Text Alerts cannot be used as the Trigger app). You will need an API key to connect your account for the Zap, which we can provide for you if you contact us.

As an example of one reason to integrate with Zapier, we’ll walk you through the process of setting it up so that when you get a new subscriber to your MailChimp list, it will be automatically added as a subscriber in Mobile Text Alerts.

  1. Click “Make a Zap” from the Zapier home page
  2. Select MailChimp as your “Trigger App”
  3. Select “New Subscriber- Triggers when a new subscriber is added to a list”
  4. Connect or create your MailChimp account
  5. Select a List that you would like the Trigger to monitor
  6. Follow the steps to confirm everything is correct so far
  7. Select “Mobile Text Alerts” as the Action Ap
  8. Select “Add Subscriber- Adds a subscriber to your Mobile Text Alerts account”
  9. Connect your Mobile Text Alerts account
  10. From here, use the drop down menu at the top right of each text box to fill. (Note, these aren’t required fields so you can leave some blank if you’d like)
    1. For Phone Number, select “Merges Phone”
    2. For First Name, select “Merges Fname”
    3. For Last Name, select “Merges Lname”
    4. For e-mail, select “e-mail”


So when it’s filled out, your action page should look something like this:

And now you’re all set- Any time a subscriber is added to your MailChimp list, they will be automatically entered as a subscriber in Mobile Text Alerts! This is just one way that you can integrate your Mobile Text Alerts with other services using Zapier.

We hope that you find this helpful! Feel free to contact us with questions or feedback.

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Why we think it’s important that you can export subscribers:

We at Mobile Text Alerts hope to provide you with the best possible experience when using our product.  The lifeblood of our service and your business is your subscriber list.  This is YOUR information, not ours, and we want to make sure that you are aware that you can export this information at any time.

It is important to us to extend this courtesy- after all, we didn’t provide you with your subscriber list, you did! You worked hard to grow your list, and we believe that exporting it should be an option that you are free to choose. Unfortunately, our clients like you have found that this value is not the standard in our industry.  Some companies do not provide any way at all to export your subscriber list.  But it’s not all bad news- we can help you with the process of getting switched over, and in many cases we can even help by transferring in your subscribers ourselves!

So the two key points we’re trying to make are:

1) If another service works better for you, we will be happy to help move you over.

2) If you want to move to us from another provider, we will do everything we can to transfer your subscribers from your current provider.


Bonus offer for switching to Mobile Text Alerts

If you are reading this and are a current user of another provider, we’re offering 50% off of your first month with us. Just let us know that you’re switching from another provider by either calling, chatting, or e-mailing us before you make a payment.

As always, you can make a free trial account: Sign-up Here.  This gives you the chance to see what our service looks like and can give you an idea about the features we provide! When you’re ready to make the change, we will walk you through the process of getting switched over and make it as simple as possible!


How to Export Subscribers from Mobile Text Alerts

The easiest way for you to export your subscribers is by logging in, and clicking the “Subscribers” button on your dashboard, and then “Manage Subscribers.”  That will bring you to a screen that looks like this:

To quickly download an excel spreadsheet of your subscribers, just click “Download XLS” seen below the list of your subscribers.

Another way to export is to click “Export” towards the top right, which will produce a drop-down menu like so:


We offer four of the most requested formats; every one of them will give you a full list of your contact/subscriber information!


If you have any questions about this process we would be happy to answer them! You can contact us by using the chat tool on our website, or by e-mailing us HERE.  We would be glad to assist you in importing your subscribers, and if you have any questions about how to get your subscribers exported from another service and imported over to Mobile Text Alerts, let us know!

We hope that our product and service will stand out by itself, and promise not to withhold YOUR information and property just to make it harder to leave!

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Digital tools such as an online SMS service have reshaped how teachers connect and communicate with students beyond the classroom. While most teachers require students to turn off their phones during class to limit distractions, many are encouraging cell phone use outside the classroom for keeping track of assignments, due dates, and helpful resources.

SMS Text and how it helps students and teachers

Text messaging also provides a way for teachers to provide personal feedback and answer questions. Plus, setting up an online SMS service for class allows teachers to send automatic due date alerts, reducing the once-common excuse of forgetting to do one’s homework. Here are 4 ways that teachers can use text alerts from an online SMS system to help students.

  1. Due Dates

Students of all ages need reminders about homework!  Teachers can send a quick text to their classroom reminding about homework due dates.  Students can never use the excuse of “I forgot” again!

  1. Assignments

In addition to reminding students of due dates for homework, teachers can send texts to remind students what the homework assignment is and what is expected for students to receive a passing grade.  Then students will have the assignment details conveniently available on their phones for easy access.

  1. Additional Resources

Teachers can send links to videos, websites, or other resources to help support the material learned in class.  Students are more likely to use these additional resources if they receive a text about them on their personal phones and can easily follow a link.

  1. Interactivity

Getting on the students’ level by using text messages is a creative way to engage with them and encourage interactivity.  Teachers can ask questions and invite feedback; then students can respond, and teachers can use the responses to help improve the educational experience.

Educators need to be continually innovative, always thinking of ways to reach their students and help them learn.  With most students (now even as early as elementary school) using texting as their primary means of communication, it only makes sense that teachers would want to try joining in. Check out our SMS text service and learn how it can help you today.

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Mobile text alerts connect investors and stockbrokers like never before. The stock market is an ever-changing roller coaster ride that can be confusing and stressful, but text alerts help stockbrokers communicate with clients in a way that’s instant and personal.

Text alerts provide stockbrokers with a convenient way of advising clients about stock market fluctuations, announcing upcoming seminars and new services, and advertising promotional sales. In this fast-paced digital age, clients prefer to hire stock brokers who use mobile text alerts so they can get the most from this much-needed financial service. Here are just a few ways text alerts help clients.


Stockbrokers use text alerts

  1. Advising

This is the main reason stockbrokers use text alerts—to advise people on what’s going on in the stock market. You can send as many texts as you need letting people know percentages, costs, which stocks are up, which stocks are down, and anything else that people might need advisement on when it comes to buying and selling stocks.  Stock trading is complicated, so clients need constant assistance if they are going to make the most use out of your services.


  1. Instant Updates

Going along with advising, the ability to send instant updates to your clients is extremely useful when it comes to dealing with stocks. The stock market is constantly changing, so you can keep your clients up to date as often as you need to.  If they are serious about their investments, then they will appreciate the instantaneous help from the convenience of their phones.


  1. Advertising

Stockbrokers use text alerts to bring in new clients or new potential clients. Advertise your service’s competitive advantage and try to draw people in. Let them know about any promotions or sales you have going on.  People are significantly more likely to read a text message than they are to read an email or a social media post, so advertising via text message can be an effective and affordable alternative to get more clients who can take advantage of your services!


  1. Announcements

You can let people know about new seminars, informational sessions, videos, books, and any other of your new products or services that might help them. Announcing these services via text will help ensure that your clients are aware of them so that they can utilize them.


Sign up for a free test account to get started using text alerts for your organization!

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Looking for more ways to connect with your clients and make them feel special? You can add on the “birthday text” feature to your Mobile Text Alerts account to send automated birthday texts to your subscribers!

Once this feature is added, you can navigate to your ‘Settings’ tab. Within, you’ll find a ‘Custom Fields’ section. This is talking about the entry fields in your subscriber list. There, a “Birthday” field can be created. Once this is added, you’ll have the opportunity to input the birthday information for your subscribers. There are three ways this can be done:

  1. You can input the information manually on your Manage Subscribers page.
  2. You can import a spreadsheet by adding a “Birthday” column to our spreadsheet template (you can learn more about importing a spreadsheet to upload subscribers here).
  3. Your subscribers can enter birthday information on your sign-up page.


*Many formats will work when inputting birthdates, but we recommend to standardize to mm/dd/yy or mm/dd.

**Don’t worry, these options will not create duplicate subscribers! They will simply update/edit your existing subscribers’ information. Just be sure to match the right phone numbers with the corresponding birthdates.


Next, you can enter an automated message to be sent out to your subscribers on their birthday from your Settings tab on your control panel (under Custom Fields):

Your subscribers will automatically receive this message on the date that is listed for their birthday!

Feel free to reach out to if you would like to get this feature added to your services. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback! We hope this tool helps you to cultivate even better relationships between you and your clients!



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