Are your shows and events nowhere close to selling out?

Despite having a loyal following, if your fans don’t show up for your gigs, you as a musician stand to lose a lot of money and added exposure.

That’s because shows aren’t just where you get to play your music for fans; they’re also where you make most of your income.

Without a packed house, you’ll miss out on all the revenue tied to selling merchandise like t-shirts and actual copies of your CD without the middleman cut in profits.

You’ll also make less in incentives offered by venues, like earning a percentage of the total bar sales.

Translation: If you don’t bring as many fans to your shows as possible, it’s almost impossible to make a decent living as a musician.

So what’s the best way artists can connect with their fans and increase sales? By using mass texts and text blasts.

With these, you can bypass crowded email inboxes and social media algorithms that constantly change to connect on a deeper level with your fans and build a loyal community around them.

You can also use them to drive traffic to your upcoming shows.

And, as we’ll touch on in this guide, they can also be helpful for re-engaging fans who’ve gone MIA.

But to get started with texts blasts, you need to create a subscriber list first.

How to Build Your Text Blast Subscriber List

In the same way, access to stream music has changed, so has the idea of connecting with your fan base.

While you may have millions of followers on social media, this doesn’t guarantee a packed house or sold-out merchandise each month.

So instead of relying on social media to drive traffic, it pays to start building your text message subscriber list.

To start building your list, begin collecting your fan’s phone numbers, and obtaining consent to message them, on your website and at your live shows and meet-and-greets.


Slowly but surely you’ll turn a handful of names and phone numbers into a loyal community you can stay in touch with.

And you should touch base consistently to keep your fans engaged and excited for what’s to come.

While starting your list and staying in touch with your subscribers is the first step to using a business SMS to pack the house, what happens if you need to take a creative break, hiatus, or go weeks without a gig booked?

You don’t want to take the radio silence approach and stop interactions with your fans.

Instead, you’ll want to use these text blast strategies to keep subscribers eager and engaged.

Re-Engage Sleepy Fans Using These 5 Text Blast Ideas

Instead of always looking for new subscribers, it’s smarter to re-engage the fans you already have.

After all, at one point they showed you how much they enjoyed your music (i.e., by signing up for your subscriber list), so why not give them a good reason to come back?

These tips will help you grab and keep their attention:

#1: Start with a Reintroduction Text

Every few weeks, you should clean up your subscriber list to ensure you’re only sending messages to fans who are really interested in your music.

By weeding people out, you’ll create a targeted list filled with fans who actually want to be engaged with your messages, which only helps you build a community of devoted fans.

To do this, send a reintroduction text blast every few weeks to any fans who haven’t opened your text messages in a while.

You can sweeten the incentive for them to take further action by offering a discount, like a free song download or 10% off tickets to your upcoming show if they buy two.

Do this and you’ll wake up fans who’ve disappeared fast.

And if you lose a few along the way, that’s okay too; you don’t want people who aren’t really engaged to stay on your subscriber list and mess up your open rates.

Another good idea is drumming up excitement with a fun giveaway.

#2: Host a Text-Only Giveaway

If you really want to capture your dormant fans’ attention, you may have to up the ante with a good ol’ fashioned giveaway.

Do you have merchandise, tickets to your next event, or a collectible you can share with these subscribers to entice them to return?

By hosting a text-only giveaway with your subscribers and publicizing it on your social media pages, your fans will share this info with those who may not even be on your list.

Simply add a few rules for all who wish to enter, such as sharing the giveaway via social media or entering the contest by opting into your list, and you’ll be amazed by all who respond.

But you don’t have to only resort to giving away free stuff to keep your fans interested.

Your real supporters want insider information about what’s next on your horizon. And this next tip will show you how to deliver.

#3: Share Your Latest Tracks Before They Officially Launch

Another solid strategy to re-engage your sleepy fans is to send them a snippet or full-length preview of your latest track in a text blast.

Your new songs — and the feeling of being part of an exclusive club — will reignite the interest of even the most inactive fans.


You may also be able to spread your reach further if they decide to share your new track with their friends and family.

Speaking of that, if you really want to raise awareness and engagement with your mass texts, give one lucky fan the chance to win the ultimate VIP experience and it may change both your lives.

#4: Offer Sleepy Fans the Chance to Visit Your Studio

Who wouldn’t want the chance to experience behind-the-scenes magic as their favorite performer works on new material?

While you know for certain superfans would do almost anything for this opportunity, this strategy may also wake up sleepy fans who fell off the bandwagon.

With this impossible-to-pass-up offer, you’ll have more fans opting into your subscriber list and engaging with your messages in no time.

This same happens when you use this last text blast strategy on our list.

#5: Ask Your Fans for Their Opinion

Sometimes your quiet fans just want to be heard.

Voter surveys are a non-invasive way for you to hear what they have to say using your text message channel.

To do this, send your sleepy fans a text with a link to a short survey or voting poll at the end of the message. Think of questions like where you should hold your next show or names for your next remix.

When you receive the answers, make sure to share them with your subscribers so they know their opinions are really being heard and matter.

Follow these tips and you’ll wake your fans right up with very little effort on your end.

Re-Engage Your Fans Using Text Blasts Today

If you’re having trouble packing venues and selling out merchandise, it may be time to consider using a different approach: text blasts.

Mass texts allow you to keep in touch, build a community of loyal fans, re-engage quiet ones, and drive people to your shows.

To get started, all you need is a reliable business SMS service capable of handling as many superfans as you dream of having.

Start your text blast list and you’ll be able to grow your brand and spread your music to more fans all over the world.

Learn more about the features and benefits of our online sms service and sign up for a free trial account today!

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How to Run An Effective LuLaRoe Live Sale

Live sales are now the lifeblood of LuLaRoe. If you aren’t doing live sales, and are still relying mainly on album sales for your LLR business, the retailers we have talked to strongly recommend that you start doing live sales.

We’ve talked to some of the most successful retailers, and put together what we think are the most important things to keep in mind when running a live sale.


How often should you go live?

This can vary from person to person. If you only have 50 customers, it might overwhelm them a bit to go live every night. But if you have 5,000 customers, every night might be appropriate.

You want to go live often enough to actually make money (these sales are going to be your primary money-makers), but not so often that your customers stop showing up. Usually the number is between twice per week and four times per week.

However many times you decide to go live weekly, we can say without hesitation to make sure you are consistent. Retailers with the best results go live on the same day at the same time each week. Your customers start to be able to set aside that particular time and know that you will be there.


How do you get people to show up at your live sales?

When you go live, it is extremely important that people actually show up at your live sale. You should use every single method you can think of to let people know (or just remind them) that you are going live.

You should definitely send out an email, you definitely post in your Facebook group.

We would be remiss though if we didn’t mention our own product (Mobile Text Alerts) as a way to notify your customers via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Facebook Messenger, and most importantly, texting.

95% of people read text messages within 10 minutes of receiving it, so texting is a great way to get people to your live sales.


Do you need special equipment?

Good equipment is important to good live sales. Some people think that the quality of your live sale doesn’t matter. Either people will buy, or people won’t buy. But from our experience, the better quality your live sale is, the more people will want to watch it.

Why is this? Because people watch your live sale not just to buy, they want a good experience during your sale. Good live sales are enjoyable and pleasant to watch. People enjoy watching well made things.

With that said, don’t go out your first live sale and spend $1,000 on video equipment. Start small. You can run a live sale with nothing more than an iPhone.

Improve one aspect of your live sale at a time. Maybe for your next live sale, try and improve the lighting, then for the next live sale try and improve the video quality, etc.

Listen to feedback from your viewers. Do they have any complaints (ex: “It is too dark,” “we can’t hear you well,” etc)?

Make your sale a little better each time, and eventually it will be at the quality that you want it.


What equipment should you use?

With all that said – What are the best tools to use for your live sale?

Actually a vast majority of retailers don’t use special cameras. In fact of all the retailers we interviewed, none of them used a camera other than their iPhone camera.

The iPhone camera is a wonderful camera, and it makes it the simplest for sharing to Facebook.

Although you don’t need a special camera, there are iPhone lenses that can make your live sale experience a lot better.

The Aukey Ora iPhone Camera Lens ($29 on Amazon) greatly increases how much fits on your iPhone screen.

Lighting is more important than you might think. Especially when purchasing clothing, the lighting on a dress might be the difference between a customer saying “that looks great!” and buying it, and “no thank you.”

Natural lighting is the best lighting you can get, but it isn’t very practical to do your live sales outdoors. Try to run your live sale in a room with several windows.

Windows usually are not enough though, especially if you do your live sales at night (which most people do). LimoStudio has some great, simple lights on Amazon for $52. They would be a great starting point.

The iPhone actually has pretty good audio on its own, but if your customers are having a hard time hearing you, or you just want to really up your game, Rode has an iPhone mic that works really well for about $40.

Really, the only other equipment we would recommend is a tripod.

People often get nauseous from watching video. You can help alleviate this by just keeping the video steady.

The arkon tripod works great for iPhones, and is only $18 on Amazon.

Other General Tips
Without making today’s post too long, here’s a list of other tips we gathered in order to have a great live sale:
-The camera on the back of your iPhone is much better than the camera on the front of your iPhone. Use the back camera, and plug an HDMI cable from your phone to your TV to watch your live sale.

-Don’t start your live sale until you have tested everything out, and you are 100% ready!

-Remember that even if people aren’t in your live sale, if you record it and show it later, any comments you make at the beginning will be recorded.

-Look at the camera, make connection with people, don’t fidget, don’t play with your hair.

-Make sure to handle the clothing carefully! No one wants to buy something that they’ve seen thrown all over

-Make sure you have enough battery for the whole sale, or are plugged in

-Finally, most successful retailers made comments to try and be “entertaining” while presenting. Don’t think of yourself as just a salesperson, but you are presenting.

This doesn’t mean be disgenuine. If I had to pick, I would rather watch someone who is a little boring, but I can tell they are being real, rather than someone who is overly expressive and very fake.

Be yourself, but be your most expressive and friendly self.



Which of these tips did you find most helpful? Anything that we can add to the list?

Let us know!



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How is your college dealing with the dreaded summer melt?

Do your admissions counselors cross their fingers and hope to hear from those students who pay a deposit to attend but never show up in the fall? Or do they spend hours reaching out to students with little to show for all their hard work?

If your school is looking for a way to increase enrollment, improve the efficiency of admissions, and strengthen communications with admitted and confirmed students, you may want to consider using a text messaging service.

Using text message marketing, colleges and universities are not only decreasing their admissions gaps, they’re also keeping students in the loop and raising awareness for upcoming school events throughout the year.

Before we get to all those perks, let’s begin with the biggest benefit of switching to a text-based strategy: improving the efficiency of your enrollments.

#1: Use Text Blasts to Increase Enrollment & Improve Efficiency

Despite being accepted, many students can’t seem to make it through the enrollment process.

Current estimates report “1 in 5 students accepted by colleges nationwide fail to show up for classes in the fall.”

And this number jumps even higher to well above 40% for low-income students.

To combat this major issue, colleges and universities are implementing what’s known as “nudging,” or a process where their admissions team guides accepted students through the enrollment process using mass texts.

With this, text message reminders are sent out to students to let them know about upcoming deadlines, especially those which are time-sensitive and related to financial aid and housing.

This strategy seems to be working as:

  • 40% of confirmed students send 5 or more text messages to admissions counselors
  • 80% of confirmed applicants send at least 1 or more texts

Students aren’t the only ones benefiting from text blasts either.

One financial advisor also admitted that using a text messaging service is one of his “most effective” methods for communicating with future students.

And when Presbyterian College adopted a texting program, it also boosted efficiency during the enrollment process.

Instead of having to call every potential candidate — including those who were no longer interested — one mass text to all students was delivered with instructions on where to go from there.


Admissions counselors only had to touch base with those students who were truly interested and willing to reach out.

This simple move helped Presbyterian College’s admissions team better their scheduling too.

When they used to call students and parents to schedule a time to meet, there was pressure to pick a date and time on the spot. By switching to text messages, recipients have time to check their schedules and choose a time slot that really works before replying, instead of having to cancel and reschedule one that does later.

Admissions counselors also don’t have to worry about calling people at the wrong time. Even if a text is sent out when a recipient is busy, they may still respond at their leisure.

And, as you’ll see next, there’s another reason why text messages work so well here.

#2: Stay in Touch With Students Like Never Before

Are you having a hard time hearing back from prospective students?

Despite half a dozen emails, does it feel as if your messages continue to go unnoticed?

The sad reality is they probably are.

After all, the average person sends and receives over 230 emails per day.

So if you’re not stacking replies in your inbox, it could just be that your message is hiding in a mound of other emails.

And if you’ve tried calling your prospective students, you’re likely to see an even colder response.

With Robocalls becoming the norm, many students refuse to answer phone calls from numbers they don’t recognize.

But when Kelly Walsh, the CIO for the College of Westchester implemented a text-based strategy, she discovered students “will respond to a text message, and they’ll often respond very quickly.”

This initiates “a faster back-and-forth dialogue,” as Walsh puts it, and ensures students get the help they need in time.

So encourage the dialogue by sending text blasts that prompt students to send over any questions they have via text.

Since it’s a personal and private form of communication, students will feel more comfortable asking questions and you’ll reduce your chances of the summer melt.

#3: Answer Frequently Asked Questions

As part of your text message marketing strategy, it’s also a good idea to assign someone from your admissions team to handle frequently asked questions.

This person should send out an initial text blast asking prospective and confirmed students how they can be of assistance.

Then they should be available to answer these messages as quickly as possible.

It’s also helpful to send out a mass text when the same common question keeps popping up so your team doesn’t have to waste time answering this on an individual basis 100 times a day.

Text alerts can also be useful in this next situation.


#4: Send Weather, Safety, and Parking Alerts

Inclement weather in the forecast for move-in weekend? Expecting the parking lots to be filled to capacity during orientation?

You can keep current and confirmed students in the loop with the weather, parking, and safety updates via text.

This helps ease confusion for your entire campus in just a few minutes and allows everyone time to prepare for what’s going on.

Mass texts are also a great way to raise awareness and donations for your school’s events throughout the year.

#5: Promote Upcoming Events

Hosting a new student luncheon? Or a dorm meet-and-greet?

No matter what the event, if you want to drive people to it, sending group texts is the way to go.

Use these and you’ll give students a digital invite that feels just as personal as a paper invitation.

You can also use text blasts to raise awareness and donations for your school’s next charity event as well.

Be sure to space these texts out to give your subscribers enough time to add the event to their schedule without sending too many texts that you annoy them.

It’s also a smart move to keep these next principles in mind:

Before Using a Text Messaging Service, Remember These Best Practices

Mass texts can help your school increase enrollment, improve admissions efficiency, and communicate better with students, as you’ve seen in this guide.

But this is only possible if you adopt the right text message marketing strategy.

That means you should not text your students all the time and instead only send mass texts that are targeted to specific recipients.

For example, only send financial aid reminders to those who have yet to submit their paperwork rather than everyone — including those who already have. Do this and your subscribers will start tuning out all of your text messages for being irrelevant.

Your texts should also be short, to-the-point, and deliver only the most important pieces of information.

Anything else can and should be tucked away in a link at the end of your text, which interested texters can click on for more details.

Keep these principles in mind when you adopt a text-based strategy at your college or university and you should see the same positive benefits too.

To get started with a text messaging service, visit this page next!  


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Sometimes I talk with retailers who are extremely stressed out about their LuLaRoe business.

What is stressing them out is not necessarily their sales. They are stressed out because they don’t know what to do next.

Lack of direction is far more stressful than low sales.

If you have low sales, but you understand that you are building something, and you see growth in the future, then you won’t be too stressed out.

When people really get stressed out is when you see no hope for the future. You don’t know what is going to grow your business, you don’t know where future sales are going to come from.


If you are at a loss of what to do next to grow your LuLaRoe business, here is a place to start.

I’ve been examining successful LuLaRoe businesses to see what really sets them apart, and here’s what I’ve noticed as a proven method to grow your LuLaRoe business

I think you can narrow down what successful retailers do into 3 steps:

1) Grow your audience

Successful retailers grow their audience, primarily on Facebook

If you run a live sale, and you only have 20 people in your Facebook group, there is no way that sale is going to be successful. Even if you had 25% show up rate (which is way higher than most retailers have), you will end up with only 5 people at your sale.

So to grow your LuLaRoe business, you need to grow your Facebook group!

Growing your Facebook group is not easy. I’ve written several posts on how to grow your Facebook group (and I’m sure I will write several more). 10 Creative Ways For Keeping Your Facebook Group Engaged


2) Run frequent and consistent live sales

Now that you have a fairly large audience, you need to sell to that audience.

Run frequent and consistent live sales to your group

If you aren’t running live sales with your group, you need to start. I haven’t talked to a successful retailer who wasn’t doing live sales.

You should run these frequently, at least once per week

But more importantly than running them frequently, you should run them consistently

Maybe set yourself to run a live sale every Tuesday at 3pm

This helps your group get in a groove, and set aside those specific times for your sales.


3) Make sure people attend your live sales

Now that you have a group of people, and you have a live sale schedule, the 3rd thing you need to do is make sure people attend your live sale

You might think “If my Facebook group is big, I will have lots of people show up at my live sale”

But that just isn’t true. Time and time again I see retailers with huge Facebook groups (2k, 3k, 5k+) who run a live sale and only have 10 people show up

Effectively notifying people about your live sale is just as important as having a big Facebook group

You should use every communication method to remind your subscribers that you are having a sale

You should absolutely send an email, you should absolutely post in your Facebook group, you should send a text, you should send a Facebook message

Don’t think that your live sale is as important to your customers as it is to you. It is in the forefront of your mind, but even if your customers love your live sales, life happens, and they will forget.



I hope that helps get you started with some direction

If you keep these 3 pillars in mind and keep working at them, you will be successful as a LuLaRoe retailer.

Just to recap: If you don’t have a Facebook group – Create one. If your Facebook group is small, make it bigger (I’ll write more about this in the future). Be active, post content that interests your group. Be entertaining.

If you aren’t running live sales, you need to start! I know it can be intimidating at first, but it really isn’t too hard. In fact, I can almost guarantee you that after your first one you won’t be nervous anymore.

If you are running live sales, but are having people show up, are you notifying your customers about your live sales? Which avenues are you using to get in touch with them? Send them emails, send them texts, post on Facebook, have them invite their friends, send them Facebook messages. Do whatever you can to make your live sale successful.

I hope that is helpful! Please comment below if you have additional ideas

Which of these 3 areas do you need the most help in? Do you need help growing your Facebook group? Do you need help running live sales? Do you need help getting people to show up at your live sales?

We are here as a resource to help make you successful 🙂


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Be honest: Are you frustrated by your dental practice’s no-show rate?

Despite having your team call and email patients, are you still seeing a higher number of no-shows than you’d like?

If you can’t get a handle on this number, you’ll start compromising more than just your bottom line.

As you’ll see in this guide, there’s a better way to address this all too common issue: using mass texting.

We’ll dive into why every dental practice should be using an SMS service and we’ll even share a sample reminder schedule to help you get started using mass texts.

You’ll also learn how mass text alerts can help you improve your patient satisfaction scores.

So let’s start by jumping into the top reasons your dental office should make the switch to using text messages over phone calls and emails for reminders.

Here’s Why Mass Texting is More Effective for Appointment Reminders

For many dental practices, the standard reminder process involves a call or email to your patients with the date and time of their upcoming appointment.

The problem is these routes aren’t always your best option, as you may have already seen with your no-show numbers.

With Robocalls becoming the norm, many people simply don’t answer phone calls from numbers they don’t recognize anymore.

And while you could leave a voicemail, you would also have to hope your patients are willing to take the time out of their busy days to hear that message, which may not always happen.

Emails don’t fare any better either.

Spam filters and promotional tabs make it difficult for your recipients to even see your reminder come through.

If your appointment email unexpectedly gets flagged as a promotional offer, or worse, spam, your patients may never see it. And that can leave you with a higher no-show rate than you’d like.

Fortunately, there’s a better alternative here: mass texting.

See, most people are attached to their phones. In fact, many Americans over the age of 18 clocks in close to 3 hours of smartphone use each day.

And it’s not only social media that’s eating up their time.

The average person also sends around 32 text messages (varies depending on age) per day, which takes up about 13% of their smartphone time.

Text messages also deliver the highest open rate (at a whopping 99%) which means your reminder messages will no longer go unnoticed.

There’s also a few more reasons why texts are more favorable to reminder calls and emails.

First, they’re a much easier way for customers to stay in touch.

Instead of having to call to cancel or reschedule, they can reply to your message within a minute or less.

This simple convenience can help improve your overall patient satisfaction scores.

Texts are also affordable.

They don’t cost much to use and most people have an unlimited amount included in their phone plans.

Plus, they take less than a minute to read and send, which saves people time.

Some dental practices even discovered that patients were more likely to follow through with their appointment if they received a reminder on their phone.

But the trick to all this working is knowing how to send reminder texts without your patients finding them annoying or obnoxious.

How to Send Mass Text Reminders Without Annoying Your Patients

To strike the right balance when it comes to your dental text reminders, you don’t want to send too many texts or ones too far in advance.

Do this and your patients will start to tune them out or they won’t even remember that they confirmed their appointment.

A good rule of thumb, especially when dealing with cleaning reminders that are once every six months, is to send the first confirmation text 30 days before their appointment.

This gives your patients enough time to check their calendars if they need to reschedule and it also gives your practice a buffer should you need to fill the time slot now.


After the 30-day mark, your next text should remind patients one week before their appointment to ensure their busy schedule didn’t overlap or their appointment time was double-booked.

And finally, your last text reminder should occur 24 hours before their appointment.

The reason for sending one more text is simply because a lot can change in one week.

By knowing this at least 24 hours in advance, your team has the option of taking a last minute appointment or a walk-in to fill the slot instead of losing out on potential revenue.

You could even maximize the time slot by scheduling a staff meeting instead of finding busy work to keep everyone occupied.

Overall, this schedule of three texts tends to offer patients the perfect number of reminders without overdoing it:

  • One text 30 days out
  • Another one week before the appointment
  • And the last one within the 24-hour mark

There’s also one more aspect of your no-show rate mass texting can help fix:

Friendly Text Reminders Can Also Get Patients Back In Your Practice

Have a patient that missed their 6-month cleaning appointment?

Or has it been over a year since one of your patients has come in?

Instead of continuing this dormant cycle, send a text reminder to nudge your patient back into your practice sooner rather than later.

To do this, have your front office team members keep a running Google or Excel spreadsheet of anyone who is overdue for a cleaning but hasn’t scheduled an appointment yet.


Then every so often, such as once a month or every other month, reach out to remind them they are overdue for a visit.

This simple step can help you increase how many patients your practice sees and you’ll keep your patient’s health in tip-top shape, which is a true double win.

Start Using Mass Texting Today

By taking advantage of the speed, efficiency and easy-to-use nature of mass texting, you’ll be able to reduce your dental practice’s no-show rate without having to expend too much effort or money in doing so.

Not only that, mass texts will help your patients keep their dental health a top priority despite their busy schedules, which most people will definitely appreciate.

Get started with a reliable SMS service free trial so you can send dental text reminders of your own, check out this page next!

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One of the most frustrating challenges in building a team is finding ways to convince others to join, but it doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as you might think. Although most consultants understand how important building a team truly is, few are aware that the process does not require persuasive arguments or special secrets that will influence a person to join your team. In fact, the following tips will help shift the focus away from recruiting tactics and more towards building a team environment that people have a powerful desire to be a part of.

Strive to Encourage

Advertising and marketing tactics aimed towards consumers have created a level of distrust and caused most individuals to be skeptical of sales pitches. Even when actively shopping in a retail store, buyers are quick to explain that they are “just looking” or “not interested”. The good news is that it is this very aversion to the traditional sales model that has created such a huge opportunity for direct sales consultants. Successful team building is most easily accomplished by deviating away from sales pitches and usual tactics, and the solution is to focus on how to encourage rather than convince. A persuasive argument will result in objections, but a low-key explanation followed by positive words of encouragement are tough to argue with!


Display Genuine Passion

People want to follow a leader that is both positive and genuinely passionate about the team. The passion starts with a strong belief in the products offered by the consultants. It’s no secret that word of mouth advertising is one of the most advantageous types of marketing, and a person with firsthand experience is always going to be a better representative than someone with limited or no experience. The passion cannot stop, however, with the product line or the benefits offered by a company. When a leader can show that she is truly interested in the success of her entire team, a potential recruit catches a glimpse of something that they would like to be a part of.


Showcase Local Success Stories

While there may be plenty of examples of consultants that have succeeded and reached prominent levels of both performance and earnings, the best success stories to showcase are going to be the ones that a potential team member can identify with. Local consultants displaying success prove that the area can be profitable and help put a face with the story. First hand testimonials are perhaps the most persuasive arguments that another person can make for your cause, and it can also indicate the level of support and encouragement that members of the team can expect to receive.


Identify Their Goals

One of the most common mistakes you can make as a leader is to assume that you know what motivates a person or what drives them to succeed. Money may be a motivator to many, but it is important to understand that it is not always the primary driver. In fact, some of the most successful consultants are individuals that are financially stable without the need to generate any specific level of income. Some prospects may be interested in learning more about communication or networking, some may be focused on creating an opportunity to spend more time with loved ones, and some may simply be driven by their desire to belong socially. It is necessary to not only identify the goals but also to understand them. Keep in mind that people love talking about their motivating factors and their goals, so ask for clarification or for further details if needed.


Share Your Goals & Experience

As a leader you must recognize the fact that people want to follow someone that they personally identify with. Be completely honest and share what lead you to pursue your opportunity in the first place, as well as what continues to serve as a driving force to new levels of success. Don’t be afraid to share both the wins and the losses. Discussing the obstacles that you previously faced in addition to the ones that you currently face can help make the concept more realistic and easier to relate to. It helps to remember that the success of your recruit largely depends on clear expectations and showing that you have the necessary experience to handle the challenges that arise can help encourage someone to feel as though they are in good hands.


Implement a Plan & Explain the Process

After you truly understand what drives a person and know what they want to achieve, the next step is to provide them with a clear outline of the steps necessary to succeed. The simple fact of the matter is that a leader’s responsibility does not stop once a person decides to join…the entire journey is just beginning. Implementing a plan will help not only by encouraging a prospect to get started but also by creating a road map that they can follow for their first week, their first month, and then beyond.


Utilize Your Existing Team

Some members of your team are likely to set themselves apart as proven leaders and positive encouragers and utilizing these individuals will help with their development and the recruitment process. Because it is next to impossible for one leader to manage an entire team alone, prospective recruits have the need to see what support is available to them in addition to you. Creating a mentorship program can certainly help the mentor and the mentee reach new levels of success, and sometimes it is easier for a new consultant to share concerns or frustrations with someone that they feel is less experienced in the business.


Inspiring people to join your team is a necessary task, but it also should prove to be one of the most rewarding aspects of succeeding as a consultant. Providing encouragement and support to recruits will help cultivate a team environment that focuses on positive interactions and growth. When a leader can utilize these tips and create a culture of success, the team becomes its own entity that people want to be a part of. Because many individuals involved in network marketing do not understand the fundamentals of helping others succeed, separating yourself as a dedicated consultant that truly wants to see each member achieve their goals will elevate your own success in the process.


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Are you using technology to stand out from your competition as a personal trainer?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new trainer trying to build a customer base or a seasoned veteran looking to hold your clients accountable, SMS marketing can help you grow your business and strengthen your client relationships.

Instead of fighting to get noticed amidst stacks of emails and constantly changing social feeds, an SMS service can help reduce your no-show rate, fill your classes and boost your referrals on a much more affordable (and effective) level.

As you’ll see in this guide, this popular form of communication may be your ticket to scaling your business while still keeping a personalized approach your customers will connect with.

But there are a few more reasons why SMS marketing is worth your time.

Why Should Personal Trainers Consider Using SMS Marketing?

Look around any crowd and you’ll see most people are glued to their phone.

Current stats back this up:

  • 18-24-year-olds check their phones 74 times per day
  • People in the 25-34 age range come in at 50 checks each day
  • And 35-44 year-olds report an average 35 daily peeks

And it’s not just emails and social media capturing everyone’s attention. As the go-to method of communication, text messages boast the highest open rates at 99%.

Thanks to their easy-to-use, quick and affordable nature, it’s no surprise why they’re gaining popularity.

And this intimate form of communication isn’t just the preferred method to use with friends, family and coworkers — texts can be just as helpful for personal trainers to stay in touch with both new and existing clients.

But you need to first build a list of subscribers before you begin your SMS marketing campaign.

So let’s talk about how to do that next.

Find New Clients and Add Them to Your Text Blasts List

Growing your personal training business shouldn’t be difficult.

The goal is not to see everyone you meet as a lead that needs to be converted right away.

Instead, you should look at growing your list of new clients as a way to start a relationship with each of them.

Through mass text alerts, you can build and deepen these new relationships and prove you’re the personal trainer to hire and keep up with.

This may not happen on your first introduction, but with time and the right SMS marketing strategy, it can happen sooner rather than later.

So each time you meet with a potential client, get their permission to add them to your text blasts list.

Here are 3 ways to meet fitness clients and encourage them to sign up:


  • Use social media to drive clients to your text message list. Create a free resource or offer a small coupon code for new subscribers and they’ll be more likely to sign up.
  • Offer lunch-and-learns or free health workshops to local businesses or during community health events. It’s a great way to educate your community and raise awareness while also building new relationships.
  • Use blogging, podcasts, video, social media and other engaging content to show off your knowledge. On these platforms, include places to sign up for your text message list so people can stay in the loop with your free resources.


Once you add these potential new clients to your list, all that’s left is to keep your new and existing subscribers interested in what you have to offer.

We’ll show you the three best ways to do that next.

Here’s How You Can Keep Your List Engaged

Regular communication via SMS can help grow your business and create lifelong customers who see results thanks to your proven methods.

Here’s how to make that happen:

#1: Send Out Specials & Program Schedules

For new clients and existing ones, it’s helpful to generate excitement and get people to try new things.

Offering discounts and sharing messages about your latest program launches are two great ways to do that.

So if you’re in the process of creating your next challenge, send a message letting everyone know what you’re up to and what they can expect (including both content and target launch date).


Then, as your launch date approaches, you can use pre-registration lists and weekly text blasts to keep everyone excited.

After people sign up, you can then help drive results with this next benefit of mass texts for personal trainers.

#2: Use Accountability Texts

Despite the time you spend working out with your clients, you can’t know what they’re up to when it comes to their fitness and healthy eating goals.

Since most clients can’t afford a 24/7 trainer, you can use mass text alerts to offer that on a larger scale remotely.

You can send post-workout kuddos or reminders to nudge clients to get their steps in or choose dinner (and dessert) options wisely.

With group texts, you can send one message to a wide audience yet it comes across as a personal, one-on-one message to your individual clients.

This helps you hold multiple clients accountable at once without having to send each message individually.

This same route also works well for shrinking your no-show rate.

#3: Send Class Reminders

Having no-shows and low class sizes are two issues that frustrate every personal trainer.

But the good news is neither one is completely out of your control.

While you may not be able to eliminate them altogether, you can ensure they don’t turn into a spiraling problem affecting your bottom line by using text message reminders.

Send out friendly reminders the day before your class and at least one hour before start time so you and your clients aren’t caught off-guard.

This is especially important for trainers holding outdoor bootcamps where weather can quickly become a variable.

Texts, unlike emails, are a much faster way to get the word out so there are fewer miscommunications leading to no-shows.

Now that you have a better idea of how SMS marketing can help you grow your personal training business, your next step is to find a reliable provider.

Find a Business SMS Service Today

To avoid annoying clients, it’s best to ditch your personal text messaging plan that uses group chats and upgrade to one offering group texts.

With group texts, your recipients won’t see who else you sent your message to. And when someone replies, only you will receive it — not everyone else in the group.

While the difference between group chats and group texts may seem small, it’s a big one in terms of providing personalized and professional customer service for your clients.

So if you’re ready to take your personal training business to the next level, sign up for a free 14-day trial with a reliable SMS service today!

Do this and follow the tips in this guide and you’ll be well on your way to growing your business and succeeding as a personal trainer.


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10 Creative Tips For Keeping Your Facebook Group Engaged

The success of your business is very tied into how you handle your social media presence. Facebook groups are especially important when it comes to promoting your product and building a team.

Because Facebook is constantly updating and adjusting its algorithms for things like advertisements and posts, it can be hard to get the most out of your time if you’re still using tactics that are probably a bit outdated.

If you’re worrying over a lack of engagement in your group, that can take away from letting your passion and love for what you do really shine through. To help take some of the worry and stress out of your content creation, we’ve curated 10 fun ways to get your Facebook group engaged and keep your business thriving.

1. Take Advantage of Live Streaming

When it first rolled out, the live video feature definitely had some bugs that needed to be worked out. However, now that the feature has been around for awhile, it’s a great way to get your group excited and engaged.

If you’re at an exclusive conference, for example, you can give group members a sneak peek into what’s happening behind the scenes. You can also take inspiration from Reddit’s extremely popular “Ask Me Anything,” usually just shortened to AMA, posts. This means you will set up a date to do a live stream and let users pick your brain on any topic for a set amount of time.

2. Ask Fun, “First Date” Questions

The best way to get people interested in what’s going on is to ask them about themselves. You can use a photo to catch the reader’s attention and caption it with a related question that users can answer. Questions like “What kind of breakfast cereal would you be?” and “Which Crayola color describes your personality best?” are quirky and lead to conversation-starting engagement.

When you post these questions, make sure to answer them yourself, and reply back to those who leave answers too.

3. Make Yourself a Meme

Facebook is full of memes, and they always get positive reactions. They’re easy, funny, relatable and effortless to share. Don’t be afraid to post funny, relevant memes to your group a few times a week.

A more creative way to use memes is by making yourself into one. Check out some of the more popular memes in your feed, and if you can, create a quick, witty caption to go with a photo of yourself. There are even simple, free “meme generator” sites that can take your text and photo and make them into a shareable image.

4. Opt for Quality Over Quantity

Lots of businesses push the idea that more posts means more activity, but that’s actually not true. Your followers can get burned out pretty quickly if you’re posting every day or even multiple times per day.

Instead of trying to fill up your feed with content, take a little bit of time and decide which types of posts you like to engage with the most. Aim to make three to five of those types of posts every week, and you’ll most likely see people getting excited about your group again.

5. Have Fun With Pop Culture

If you can manage it, tying in your products with current events and pop culture references is a great way to get creative with your marketing. You should definitely stay away from potentially controversial topics like politics, and of course, you should exercise tact above all else, so use your best judgment here.

However, linking your energy supplements to the release of the latest superhero movie or highlighting outfits that would look great for a certain upcoming concert or midnight movie can bring the right kind of attention to your business.

6. Take Your Photo Game Up a Notch

As social media continues to grow in popularity, there is an unmistakable trend towards users preferring visual content. This means photos, videos and shareable graphics almost always do well compared to any other type of post.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get noticed, but you should definitely reconsider those shadowy selfies and free stock images you’ve probably been using. You can draw inspiration from anywhere, and all you need is your smartphone camera, some natural lighting and whatever fun props you can think of to create quality photos.

If you’re still struggling, hold a photo contest with your group. Let them stage their best photos with your products, and award them the honor of having their photos featured in the group and on your brand’s social media.

7. Play More Games

Initiating social games is one of the best ways to bring your community together. Scavenger hunts, “guess how many,” brand bingo and “ask the next friend” are all exciting, engaging games that require minimal time and effort on the part of your followers, but they can offer huge benefits to your overall group metrics.

You can award prizes for winners, or you can simply play for fun. It’s usually best to do a mixture of both for variety.

8. Highlight Member Connections

When you’re not in a face-to-face group, it can sometimes be hard to create friendships and connections with people you don’t really know. This can be helped some with the icebreaker-style questions mentioned above, but you can also get creative with this too.

You can ask people to comment stories with friends they may have in the group, or you can do a weekly “member spotlight” to help people get to know each other. Just be sure to ask for permission first.

9. Create Polls That Spark Conversation

“This or that” polls can be a fun, creative way to help your group bond. You can ask product-related questions, but be sure to mix in some fun ones too, such as “coffee or tea?” or “Coke or Pepsi?”

You can also leave a comment telling members to post a gif or emoji about their choice in the comments to generate more interaction.

10. Reward Your Biggest Fans

Every Facebook page has a core group of members that interacts more than the rest. These are your “power users,” and they’re your best chance for building a strong team in your group and business.

Once you’ve identified these people, you should reach out to them and tell them how much you appreciate their engagement. Ask if they want to be “group ambassadors” that do things like come up with creative content ideas, write their own guest posts, host little giveaways and things like that.

The more that your members feel like they’re an important part of the community, the more likely they are to share your content, advocate for your products and contribute to your overall success.

The Sky is the Limit

When it comes to creative ideas for keeping your Facebook group engaged, you’re only limited by what you can come up with. These 10 tips are a great starting point, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

And as always, don’t forget to use your Facebook group to promote your text alerts sign up page


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GDPR Online SMS Service

Have you noticed that almost every website you visit now asks you to accept the site’s terms and conditions before you even begin browsing?

This not-so-subtle change is all thanks to the GDPR, or Global Data Protection Regulation, which took effect at the end of May this year.

But what exactly is the GDPR? And should you be concerned with it with regard to your online SMS service?

This guide will answer those questions to help you understand what’s really going on and help you stay compliant.

To start, let’s begin with everything you need to know about the GDPR.

What is the Global Data Protection Regulation?

The European Union already created a set of regulations aimed at protecting the personal information provided from customers to brands.

But with the recent Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data breach came the realization that even these strict controls on data protection didn’t offer enough for consumers, according to the EU.

The reason for this gap in coverage has to do specifically with the rise of mobile devices. When the initial regulations were created, there just wasn’t as much mobile usage and data collection as there is today.

So the GDPR was updated to adjust for these recent issues and the changing environment.

The new guidelines were then set in motion on May 25, 2018. With the new regulations, companies must now disclose to customers what they’re doing with their personal information.

The GDPR also gives consumers a right to see where this information is being used.

Customers can then choose to update their information or remove it from these databases altogether, which gives consumers more control over how their data is being used and stored.

Furthermore, businesses must be able to justify why this information is being collected, in addition to how it’s being used.

What Information is the GDPR Concerned With?

The short answer: personal data.

So a customer’s name, phone number, IP address, location information and username are all considered examples of the type of data that must be protected under this updated law.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Other types of data, such as a customer’s political preference, sexual orientation and current health information must be kept protected.

How to Stay GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliance for Business SMS Service

Brands operating in Europe or targeting European customers, even if the company resides outside of the EU zone, must take extra precautions to stay compliant with the GDPR.

First, customers must opt-in to transferring their data over to your digital hands. The language must be clear and simple so they know exactly what they’re getting into.

Another key factor here includes how that data is transferred: it must be done using a secured FTP transfer to ensure the data cannot be hacked during this movement.

On top of that, brands are only allowed to ask for the information they need, and nothing more.

This means opt-in forms must be stripped down to only the essentials.

Finally, consumers must be able to delete their information whenever they want.

And when a customer opts out of your communications, their personal data must also be removed from your database instead of sitting there until eternity.

Inevitably, the next questions to come up here include:

  • Should you be concerned about the GDPR if your business operates outside of Europe?
  • What about if you are using an online SMS service?

This next section will address those questions specifically.

Here’s How the GDPR Affects Your Online SMS Service

If you’re targeting European customers, or selling in Europe, you must have a GDPR plan in place.

For companies found out of compliance, the fines can amount to 20 million Euros, or 4% of annual revenues, whichever is larger.

But what about companies outside of this category?

It’s actually still in your best interest to remain in compliance with the GDPR.

GDPR Compliance for Business SMS Service

You may not be targeting European customers, but thanks to the world wide web, that doesn’t mean they can’t find your website and subsequently opt-in.

When this happens, GDPR compliance becomes a requirement — not an option.

Even still, if you think the chances of this happening are slim, consider the fact that this extra layer of security protects your customers and builds trust.

If they know you’re taking the extra steps to keep their data safe, your customers will be more likely to opt-in, which increases your chances of them doing so.

On the other hand, do the opposite and let your stance on data protection become lax and you may create distrust in your privacy-minded customers.

Plus, since legislators are in the process of figuring out if their own version of a GDPR is needed for American-based companies, you may end up having to do this down the line anyway.

While it seems like more work now, it could save you countless hours later simply by taking a  more proactive approach.

And if you’re using an online SMS service to send mass text alerts, your customers must still opt-in to your list, which means the same data protection would be required whether you’re adding them to an email or text list.

As you can see, it’s far better to be safe than sorry here.

So to do this, be sure your opt-in language is clear and concise and gives users the reasons why you’re asking for their information.

You should also give your customers the ability to opt-out and have their data completely deleted from your database whenever they want.

This may seem counterintuitive since you’ll lose the ability to ever touch base with those customers again, but if those people wanted to stay customers, they would have done so.

Don’t waste your time (and jeopardize your engagement rates) on people who aren’t interested; focus your attention on those who are.

And remember, just because someone’s opted out, doesn’t mean it’s permanent.

True customers will come back. Any who don’t only help you further refine your list of people who actually want to hear from you (and open and read your mass text alerts).

Follow the GDPR or Face Heavy Fines

Companies operating in Europe and targeting European consumers must be and stay in compliance with the GDPR — not just to avoid the heavy fines, but to also build trust with your customers.

Even if your business doesn’t currently market to European consumers, it still pays to add this extra layer of security so there are no issues on your end if you happen to have one opt in to your online SMS service.

Plus, your customers all over the world will appreciate your extra care for their personal data.

You may even see American-based regulations in the next upcoming months reflect these sentiments, so it’s better to get ahead of the curve now.

To get started with a business SMS service, start your free 14-day trial by visiting this page next!

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business SMS tips for summer

Does your business experience a slow season during the dog days of summer?

Wondering how you can beat the heat and drive sales this year?

While we can’t help you tackle the former, the latter is easier to improve than you may think.

As you’ll see in this guide, there are six strategies you can take to improve your summer sales numbers and help you move the needle in a positive direction for the remainder of the year.

It all starts by sticking to this first rule.

#1: Stay Active With Your SMS Communications All Summer

Even though the warmer temperatures outside create the perfect formula for long, lazy, summer days doesn’t mean you should take the same approach with your business SMS strategy.

In fact, you should do just the opposite. Keep bringing the heat.

No matter what time of year it is, keep your SMS communications consistent so you can continue to build a community of loyal brand followers and stay top of mind with customers.

It’s especially important to do this during slower periods like the summertime.

Rather than succumbing to a drastic drop off in sales, you can get ahead of the slump, or avoid it altogether, by using mass text alerts to give your business the boost it needs to stay afloat.

To do this, send a text message at least once per week or biweekly at most and keep these next tips in mind too.

#2: Plan Ahead of Warm Weather Holidays

Far too many times companies scramble at the last minute to get out Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Labor Day discounts only to end up with modest sales numbers.

A better approach is planning ahead, especially when times are slow, so you can make a bigger splash with your subscribers.

Ideally, you should be at least 1-2 months ahead with your content calendar so your team has ample time to create a campaign idea, execute it, and adjust if needed.

For example, Independence Day falls on the 4th of July every year, even if the exact day of the week changes. So you should start your SMS campaign plans by May 4th or June 4th at the latest.

when to send mass text alerts this summer

And if the day of the week works in your favor this year, you can use this selling point to your advantage in your mass texts.

But, holidays aren’t the only promotions to include in your content calendar.

Offers and giveaways can also help you crush your business SMS strategy this summer as well.

#3: Use Bigger Incentives During Slower Periods

If your business is really slow during the hotter months, you may need to up the ante with an offer too good to pass up.

BOGOs, or buy one get one deals, can work really well for this.

So if you’re selling items in the summer, for example, try using a BOGO with a Stock Up for Season message and you’ll drive sales during normally slow periods.

BOGOs also work with referrals.

In this case, send out a deal to your customers via mass text to let them know they and a friend can both enjoy 20% off.

This raises your chances of making not one but two sales and increases your customer following if the referral ends up creating a new customer.

You can and should also pair your incentives with one or several big contests to increase customer engagement.

#4: Create a Summer Giveaway

Summer is the perfect time to host a giveaway and drive engagement.

For anyone left behind without vacation plans, you can give them incentive to take action and hopefully win something cool and unforgettable this summer thanks to your brand.

To do this, brainstorm a few hot ticket items and consider creating a summer giveaway spanning the entire three months of the season so you can really boost engagement.

You should include this in your content plan (see tip #2) so your team has plenty of time to prepare for it, which is also the same advice for these final two strategies.

#5: Host an Event

With warmer weather comes the urge to get outdoors and soak up all the sun. And your customers are all for it.

So one way to help them achieve this summer goal is to host a local event outside.

You’ll need to adjust for both rain and/or high temperatures, depending on where you live, but it’s a great way for your customers to get to know your brand face-to-face.

business SMS strategy for summer

You can even showcase your best summer-worthy pieces and samples to hopefully drive sales and new SMS subscribers.

And if your customers are also online (or only online), you can drive sales using mass text alerts with links to your Facebook page so you can hold a Facebook Live event for anyone who can’t be there in person.

This is the perfect way to include everyone and it also helps you cast a wider sales net. Plus, when you combine this advice with the next tip, you can easily double or triple your impact while also aligning yourself with more members in your community.

#6: Partner With Other Businesses in Your Community

Instead of putting on the event from tip #5 alone, why not include a few of your fellow neighbors?

This can help you attract more people and helps strengthen your brand’s ties within your local community, two things every business can benefit from.

Start browsing your local businesses to see which companies may complement your offerings. Then reach out to them with your summer event or promotion idea. Do this and you’ll open up your brand to audiences beyond your own, which can also help you crush your summer sales targets.

All it takes is a few simple mass text alerts to drive people to your community event where you can meet both potential customers and neighbors.

Don’t Let a Summer Slump Affect Your Sales

With these six tips in your business SMS toolkit, there’s no reason the summer months shouldn’t be your hottest time of the year for conversions.

So plan out your summer promotions early enough, keep in touch with your subscribers via fun, engaging content, and cool off in the shade with a fruity umbrella drink while your mass text alerts move your brand closer to your ultimate sales goals.

To get started with a business SMS service, start your free 14-day trial by visiting this page now!

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