Text Message Loyalty Rewards Program

Our developers are always looking for ways to make Mobile Text Alerts more useful to you. So we have introduced a new feature — a text message loyalty rewards program.

We have had many people ask for a text message-based loyalty rewards program. People have been looking for a way to keep track  of purchases made by their customers, and give them “loyalty rewards” based on how much they have purchased.

This is now possible all from your Mobile Text Alerts control panel! You can now set how many purchases it takes someone to earn a reward, keep track of how many purchases have been made, and notify your subscribers how close they are to their next reward.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Set Your Settings

When you login to your control panel and go to the Settings page, there is a new section labeled “Loyalty Rewards Settings.” In this new section, you can set the number of purchases needed before someone earns a reward. You can also set whether or not you would like to notify your customers after a purchase (via text message), and how close they are to their next reward.

Your settings page

Your settings page


Step 2: Add Purchases for Your Subscribers

Once you have your settings set, you can go to the “Loyalty Rewards” page.

Your loyalty rewards page

Your loyalty rewards page

On this page, you can select certain subscribers, and “Add Purchases” to credit them with the number of purchases they have made.

This will increase the number of purchases for that subscriber, and also let you know if they are eligible for a reward.


Also, if you have “notify users” turned on in your Loyalty Rewards Settings, it will send out a text message to each subscriber you added purchases for letting them know how many purchases were added, and how close they are to their next reward.

Notify Subscriber of Purchases

An example of the message your subscribers will receive when you add purchases and have “notify users” turned on


We hope you find this new feature useful! Please let us know if you have any suggestions or improvements we can make. Our goal is always to make the service as useful to you as possible.


Want to start using this feature? Head over to the loyalty rewards page in your control panel, or create a new account

Why Is SMS Marketing A Good Idea?

If you own any type of business, then you know how important it can be to explore all types of marketing strategies in order to help drive sales and get more customers to your business.

Unfortunately, acquiring customers or keeping current customers updated on everything going on with your business can be a tall task. Luckily SMS marketing is one of the newest and most popular marketing technologies and if it doesn’t already have a place in your business, it certainly should be under consideration by the time you finish reading this post.

If you’re not already aware, SMS marketing is simply sending text messages to customers who have opted into receiving messages.

Since you need customers to physically opt in to receive these messages, this is going to be one of the best options when it comes to keeping your current customers informed about your business including what specials you might be running in a certain time period.

Below, you’re going to find some of the top benefits when it comes SMS marketing and each point will easily convince you why SMS marketing is a good idea for your business.

Requires Direct Action

When it comes to opting in to receiving the text messages from your business, it is considerably easier to do when it comes to SMS marketing compared to when it comes to email or other types of marketing. Some other methods require a lot of personal information up front but there is nothing besides a phone number needed with SMS marketing. The simplicity of the opting in and opting out is one of the big selling points of SMS marketing because customers enjoy having that ease of operation. Additionally, you know that customers want to receive the messages you are sending since they actively decided to opt-in to the messages.

High Open Rate

It will be touched on briefly later on, but SMS marketing has one of the highest open rates out of any other type of marketing strategy. Nearly every single SMS message that is sent it going to be opened because when a customer hears the familiar buzz or sound of a text message, they will immediately check their phone to see what the message says. When it comes to email, they can check it once or twice a day and easily skip over or delete the email you sent without ever actually opening. Essentially, email gives them a chance to ignore the email if they want while SMS messages sort of force the customer to read them.


Perhaps one of the other great reasons to go with SMS marketing is because it is one of the easiest and most cost effective options of them all. While some strategies require you to go ahead and try to pay for subscribers and others will force you to try and print flyers to hand out, SMS messages are done all digitally using numbers provided by you for free. All of this helps to improve your return on investment when it comes to SMS messaging since there is very little cost to keep it up.

Perfect For Communities

SMS marketing is going to be another great option when it comes to communities or large groups of individuals that need to have a way to be in constant communication with one another. For example, this can be one of the best ways to keep in touch with your sports team, your church, your school or any other groups that require a message to be sent to a large group of people since SMS messaging makes it so easy.


When it comes to sending information through email, you have to worry about your message accidentally being sorted into a spam folder or some other folder. With SMS messaging and marketing, it is a direct contact to your customer base, which means that you have no barriers to fight through when it comes to reaching your customer and providing information.

Short And Sweet

SMS messages have a limit of 160 characters, which means your messages are going to need to be short and to the point along with staying clear and concise. This can be a positive and a negative but most businesses should look at it as a positive! Rather than making customers read through information that might not be necessary for them, you’re going to get straight to the point so that they know exactly why you are texting them and customers are really going to appreciate that in the long run.

Connect With Next Generation

This seems like a silly thing to even mention, but sending SMS messages through your marketing strategy is a great way to gain the cool factor with some of the younger customers you have as more and more customers, especially younger ones, are opting to get text messages rather than emails. By using SMS marketing, it will help to give your business an edge up on the competition when it comes to the next generation of customers your business is going to need. If you handle it right and send out quality SMS messages as a small business, you may even be able to create a little buzz in your town with the locals.

Limitless Potential

In 2017, it’s hard to even begin to imagine how many phones there are in the world and what percentage of people own a mobile phone that do business with you. Chances are good that a vast majority of your customers own a mobile phone, which means your potential for reaching them is going to be limitless. Text messaging is instant and is one of the most popular forms of communication now and all demographics own mobile phones, which means you have a true marketing gold mine at your hands just by using SMS marketing.

Environmentally Friendly

As it is today, everybody wants to take every step they can to get towards a more eco-friendly and green way of doing business because people are opting for paperless billing and for all material and notifications to be sent electronically. Of course, most of the online marketing strategies you are going to see are green, but it’s important to reiterate that to your customers to let them know what you are doing. Not only is it going to help save the environment, but less print collateral for your business means you are going to save money as well.


When you use SMS marketing, you have the flexibility to do just about anything you want to do and you have the freedom to send your SMS messages out to everybody or just a select few individuals. For example, you can send out a blanket text to everybody on your list or send out a specific text to just VIP members on the list. If you handle your SMS marketing strategy the proper way, you’ll be able to easily customize the campaign to however you see fit. No matter how you plan on using SMS marketing and when you plan on using it, it will have no problem fitting into the needs of the business.


We live in a world where everybody wants to be have instant gratification and they want to be able to immediately receive something or immediately find out about a new deal or promotion. When you use SMS marketing, you’ll be happy to know that everything you do is instant and it allows you to connect with your customers in the quickest way possible. Not only does it send the message almost instantly, but it is going to be seen by your customers that much quicker. If they are out and about, your customers might not check their email but there’s a good chance they’re going to have their phone on them and they will receive your text message. This instant message and instant gratification can help make your customers pay more attention to the content you put out in your SMS messages.

Easy To Use

No matter who you are, what your business does or how much experience you have, I can promise you that you can master using an SMS marketing strategy with little to no extra work. All you need to do in order to benefit from SMS marketing is type out a message about your business and then instantly send it out to your customers or clients. Just like that, you are in direct contact with your customers. You don’t have to exert energy into designing and printing flyers and mailing them out. This means that in just a fraction of the time, you’ll be able to reach directly to your most important customers to ensure they have the latest information about your business.

Get Started with SMS Marketing

As you can see, there are a ton of great benefits when it comes to SMS marketing and I think it’s pretty easy for you to see why it can be a good thing to add to your already existing marketing strategy for your business. In terms of find a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to keep your clients informed about your business, you won’t find a better option than SMS marketing.

Everybody loves their cell phones.

They tell you the time, play music and give directions when you’re lost.


… don’t be fooled!

This is just their public persona.

Like any convincing psychopath smartphones are able to put on a likeable front. They are friendly, helpful and seem like they wouldn’t hurt a fly. All the while they are sadistic killers who smother alarm clocks in their sleep and make sure you GPS system is never found again. (Article continues below)

Cell Phones are Serial Killers

Smartphones really are Wonderful

Ok, while our tongue may be firmly in our cheek with this infographic it is amazing the amount of everyday tools and gadgets that have been swallowed up by the smartphone revolution.

MP3 Player

Who would have thought it all those years ago when Apple introduced the original iPod to the world not all that long ago that within 10 years no-one would be dealing with MP3 files never mind players. This incredible device that revolutionised the music industry suddenly became obsolete as Spotify and similar streaming services became more prominent and data became cheaper.

Landline Phone

Similarly, the landline telephone has been an essential product for decades. At some point almost every home in America had one. Now, however, 41% of homes no longer have a landline phone.

That would have been absolutely unthinkable at the turn of the century but now you can call the person you want directly on their mobile no matter where they are without simply hoping that they are at home.


If there is any true indicator of what people are reading it is what men read on the toilet.

That sacred space where you get to truly be alone with the newspaper to get a handle on what is going on in the world.

Well, not any more.

Smartphones have replaced the newspaper as the reading material of choice for men on the toilet.

It turns out we’re no longer reading the business section when we’re doing our business.


GPS and Sat Nav

Paper maps have long gone out of fashion since companies like Tom Tom introduced Satellite Navigation devices.

But now, these satellite navigation devices themselves have become obsolete.

That is thanks to a free app from Google that is available on your smartphone.

Google Maps now has 1 billion active monthly users. This means that the sat nav companies are going to struggle big time.

Bits and Bobs

There are some things that you just don’t think of anymore.

When was the last time you looked up the date on a paper calendar?

When was the last time you wrote a phone number in an address book instead of just saving it onto your phone?

When was the last time you grabbed a flashlight in a hurry instead of just turning the light on your phone on.

The Down Side

There is actually a downside of the smartphones.

The electromagnetic radiation that is emitted from smartphones damages beehives and birds eggs.

These two creatures are essential parts of the ecosystem. This is something we need to be aware of to make sure that our bees especially don’t die out.


Smartphones really are Incredible

Just imagine carrying around all of these devices.

A sat nav, an MP3 player, a camera and on and on and on.

Not just that though, imagine paying individually for each of these. At this point we would be running into thousands of dollars.

Who knows what the future holds but I think it is a safe bet to say that more and more gadgets and devices will disappear to be soaked up into your smartphone.

We can only guess what your phone will be like 10 years from now.


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After many requests, Mobile Text Alerts now has the ability to make mass phone calls.

Text messaging is still considered the most effective way to get a hold of people, but what about those people without text messaging? As hard as it is to believe, there are some people who have not made the jump to a cell phone.


For those people, Mobile Text Alerts can still help by making mass phone calls.

With the new system, you can call in to our system, record a message, and then from your control panel send that message out to your subscribers.

Let us know if you would like to try out this new feature, and we will get your account set up with it. If you don’t already have an account, go ahead and sign up for a free trial.

One severely underutilized way to use text alerts is in the hotel industry. Many of our customers have found tremendous success using text alerts to enhance their guest’s experience.

Success has mainly been found in these two areas:

  1. Improving the experience of your guests – Many hotels have used text alerts to improve their guest’s experience at their hotel. This can be done in many ways: Sending out weather information, sending checkout time information, are there any special events going on at your hotel? Are there any special events going on in your community? You will be amazed at how far a few texts like this can go for your guests in distinguishing you from other hotels. This is also a great way to get subscribers into your system.
  2. Promotions for future stays – Once you have a subscriber-base built in to your system, then you can begin sending out promotional texts. Make sure you don’t send these out too often, or it can have negative effects. But a once-in-a-while ‘10% off’ or ‘$99 nights!’ text can bring in big business when used correctly.

Are you a member of the hotel industry? Are you using text alerts as part of your marketing plan? What practices have you found most effective?

Does your organization have a plan in place for when an emergency strikes? Who is in charge of what? Who gets word out that there is an emergency in the first place?



Communication is key to handling an emergency effectively. What’s your emergency plan?

As the world moves more and more towards being mobile-driven, many public services have begun taking advantage of the new technology to improve our society. One way many organizations is using text alerts is to cut down on crime.



Starting in June of 2014, the four major wireless carriers started allowing free texts to go out to 911. This can be extremely helpful in many cases when making a phone call would be dangerous or impossible. The government is catching on to what mobile marketers have always known — SMS is one of the best ways to reach people quickly.

Text messaging has also been found to be extremely effective in tip offs. In Bakersfield, CA, citizens can text in tips that they might otherwise not feel comfortable reporting (or may just be too lazy).

Even smaller violations can be improved on by using text messaging. In Moscow, drivers can sign up to receive a text alert 20 minutes before their car is going to be towed. This frees up law enforcement processes, and in June of 2014 saved the city of Moscow $2.6million.

These are just a few of the small ways that text alerts have improved different sectors of our lives, and have saved people money. How could your business use text alerts that might save money?

In 2011 a study by the National Institute of Health showed that phones that were set up to ask questions three times each day to members of drug-rehab such as “Where are you?”, “What are you doing?”, and “How are you feeling?” were extremely beneficial in preventing relapse.



Txt messaging is a great way to get these messages out to people. Messages can be scheduled to go out at certain intervals.


You’ve seen them shuffling down the street, eyes glued to 4-inch screens, fingers tip-tapping away. To say that young people are in love with their smartphones would be an understatement: It’s more like they’re obsessed, confirms a new study out by Zogby Analytics. Almost 90% of Millennials say their phones never leave their sides. The first thing that 80% of Millennials do every morning is reach for their smartphones, and 78% spend more than two hours a day texting, surfing, talking, tweeting and — more importantly for businesses — shopping, banking and more. “Businesses will ignore this at their peril,” says James DeBello, CEO of Mitek, the company behind mobile bank deposits that commissioned the independent study, “Millennials, Selfies and the Changing Face of Mobile Commerce.”

Something many churches are using to get their congregation more involved is to text the verse of the day.



This is especially useful for the youth in the church who use texting so often. It makes perfect sense to reach these students where they are at, and engage them with the Bible on their phones via texting.

And sending out a ‘verse of the day’ does not have to be laborious. You can log in one day, and schedule messages to go out for the future.

If this sounds like something that would be beneficial to you, give it a free try. Also, sign up to receive our verse of the day.

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