As a LuLaRoe retailer, you are running a business. LuLaRoe is fun, their clothes are great and everyone loves them, but don’t forget that as with any business, you need to keep on eye on the numbers.

This is the not-so-fun part of running a business. Making sure that your expenses are less than your income. Making sure your sales tax has been correctly calculated (don’t trust LuLaRoe to keep track of it for you!)

Mobile Text Alerts is planning a new suite of reporting features to make running you LuLaRoe business a little easier.

Just go to the BLESS Reports page in your control panel.

BLESS Reports

Please leave your feedback! Let us know what other types of reporting would be useful for your use-case.


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Facebook Won't Show My Posts!

Traditionally, Paparazzi Consultants have relied on Facebook and Email for getting information out to their customers about live sales, giveaways, new inventory, etc. This has worked ok in the past, but is starting to become unreliable.

The reason for this change is because of the changes to the Facebook algorithm.

What is an algorithm?

Facebook’s “algorithm” is just a fancy word for the formula they use to decide what shows up in a news feed and what is hidden.

There are far too many posts for your news feed to show all of them, so Facebook has a formula they use to decide what should show up.

Over the past few months, Facebook has changed their algorithm to boost posts from your friends, and hide posts from groups and pages that you follow.

This is helpful from a Facebook user standpoint – I prefer to see posts from my friends and family rather than posts from all the pages I follow. Unfortunately, this really hurts Paparazzi consultants, along with everyone else who uses Facebook to communicate with their customers.

What this means, is that if you are only using Facebook to keep in touch with your customers, your posts are not being seen, and you are missing out on sales.

What’s the solution?

Thousands of people have abandoned Facebook posts as their primary means of communication, and are turning to text messaging as a way to get information to their customers.

There are no algorithms to navigate through, and you don’t have to wait for people to “check” their Facebook. Text messages go through 100% of the time, and we’ve found 90% of people open them within 5 minutes of receiving.

If you are struggling getting your Paparazzi business running, give text alerts a try! Use promo code ‘papa’ for 10% off the service


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Many LuLaRoe Retailers run sales off of Facebook using photo Albums. They post their items that are for sale, and if customers would like to purchase something, they comment on the item “sold” or something similar.

It can be difficult as a retailer to keep track and find all of these “sold” comments. In an effort to try and make this an easier process for retailers, we have created a new feature to allow you to automatically find and gather “sold” comments. Here’s how it works.

First, go to the new “Facebook Claims” page.

On this page, you can see all Facebook claims that haven’t been archived already.

To get new claims, you can set the “Claim Word” that the Mobile Text Alerts system will look for, and then click “Get New Claims”

Mobile Text Alerts will ask you which group/page you would like to get claims for, and will look through all the posts and images in that group/page for any items with a “sold” comment. Once it gathers all these “sold” comments, it will add them to your list of claims for your review.

We hope this is useful and makes your life a little bit easier! This is just the beginning of this functionality, but we would like to get some more user feedback before we continue adding. What would make this more useful? Currently, you can only “Archive” these claims. Would it be useful to add more options such as “Mark as Paid” or “Mark as Unpaid”? Leave some comments below with any feedback you might have 🙂



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If you thought you had a hard time reaching your group via Facebook before, it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

Facebook is planning on creating a new, second “feed” in your Facebook account. Your normal feed, will be called your “News Feed,” and this new second feed will be called the “Explore feed.”

The News feed will be similar to the feed you see now, containing mostly your friend’s posts and updates. But when your groups you are a part of, and pages you follow post something, it will now go in your “Explore feed.”

Here’s a look at the new “Explore Feed”:
New Facebook Feed

Image source:

How will this affect LuLaRoe Retailers?

These changes might not seem like a big deal to you, but they have huge implications if you are using Facebook to notify your customers.

Once this Facebook update is released, your customers will have to click the “Explore feed” in order to see anything that you post. It won’t show up by default in their news feed.

I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that most people will rarely take the time to switch over to an “explore” feed.

Gmail did something similar last year (Adding a “Social” tab to email accounts), and open rates for emails that end up in this “Social tab” are terrible. I imagine Facebook post rates will be just as bad.

If you are still using Facebook as your only means of notifying customers of live sales, promos, giveaways, etc, you will need to find another way very quickly.

These changes have already gone into affect in six countries, and could go into affect elsewhere very soon.

You can read more about it on



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Since we added BLESS integration to Mobile Text Alerts, it’s made all kinds of new functionality available to our LuLaRoe users.

One huge feature we’ve been able to add, is integrating our Loyalty Rewards program with the LuLaRoe BLESS system, so that you can keep track of your customer’s loyalty rewards automatically without having to do anything on your end!

Here’s how it works–


Make sure you are integrated with BLESS

Before you can integrate your loyalty rewards with BLESS, you need to make sure you are connected with BLESS.

Integrate Your Mobile Text Alerts account with BLESS

Go to the integrations page, and click the “Integrate with BLESS” button. Enter your BLESS details, and click “Integrate” to connect.



Integrate Loyalty Rewards With BLESS

Now, you can go over to the Loyalty Rewards page.

The Loyalty Rewards Page

You’ll notice, that once you are connected to BLESS, a box appears that allows you to “Automatically sync rewards with BLESS orders.”

Turn that to “On” and Mobile Text Alerts will begin the integration with BLESS to handle your loyalty rewards.

Auto sync BLESS with loyalty rewards

With this integration on, once per day, Mobile Text Alerts will check your BLESS account for new orders from the past 24 hours, and add a “star” for each item purchased (free items and cancelled items do not count).

Mobile Text Alerts will then send you a daily email letting you know who all earned “stars”, and who is now eligible for a reward.

Email Report

You can also check the number of purchases and rewards earned by all your customers by scrolling down.

Loyalty Rewards Customers



Your Loyalty Rewards Settings

For your loyalty program to be run exactly how you would like it, we have some settings that you can tweak:

Loyalty Rewards Settings

What time each day should the system check BLESS for new orders? – Mobile Text Alerts is going to check BLESS for new orders once per day. With this setting, you can set what time you would like this check to run. All times are CT.

Automatically notify customers about purchases – This setting can be turned on or off. If it is on, when someone receives a star or a reward, the system will automatically text them letting them know how many stars they received, and how close they are to their next reward. If this setting is off, you will need to contact people manually.

Example text message for loyalty rewards

Number of purchases before reward – How many purchases does someone need to make before they are eligible for a reward?



Manually Tweaking Number of Purchases

You may find from time to time that you need to manually tweak the number of purchases for a particular customer. The Loyalty Rewards page can handle this as well.

Manually Add/Remove Purchases

Simply select the customers that you need to edit, and then click either “Add Purchases” or “Remove Purchases”



We hope you find this helpful! We very much appreciate our LuLaRoe customers and hope to make your life a little easier every day.

Please reach out if you have any feedback on this feature, or any other Mobile Text Alerts features. Also, let us know if you have ideas for ways to make Mobile Text Alerts more useful to you as a LuLaRoe Retailer


If you aren’t a customer, and would like to become one – Try it out for free



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Stop Doing What Doesn't Work

Most LuLaRoe retailers understand that notifying their customers of live sales is crucial for their business to grow. Retailers also have begun to realize that Facebook does not work for getting this info out.

Many of you have asked if Twitter SMS Alerts might be a good alternative to Facebook. From our interviews with retailers who have given it a try, the answer is a resounding no.

Here are 3 reasons why Twitter doesn’t work for LuLaRoe text alerts.

1) There is a limit on how many notifications people can receive

Twitter has a limit put in place for how many SMS notifications a certain subscriber can receive across all of Twitter. What that means, is that if your subscriber is subscribed to several Twitter SMS alerts, and they reach their limit, they won’t receive your alert when you send it out.

To make matters worse, Twitter doesn’t release any information about what the limits are, just that they exist. This makes it extremely hit or miss if your subscribers will receive your messages. And a service that is unreliable is worse than no service at all.

2) There is a limit on how many notifications you can send

Similar to #1, not only does Twitter have a limit on how many notifications a certain subscriber can receive, they also have a limit on how many notifications you can send out. And just like #1, they don’t tell you where this limit is, your subscribers will just mysteriously stop receiving messages.

Again, from our interviews with retailers, what makes text alerts effective is when they always go through, not hit or miss.

3) Twitter was not built for text alerts

Apart from the deliverability issues, the Twitter platform simply was not designed to send out text messages. It is awkward and bulky, and there is no way to customize who exactly you are sending the message to, or how the message looks, or when it goes out.

That’s a quick synopsis on Twitter SMS Alerts and how they are working for other LuLaRoe retailers.

Here is feedback from one specific retailer:
“I am currently using Twitter for free text alerts, but maybe 8 of my 86 subscribers get my text alerts. I sell LuLaRoe and I send out two texts every week to let them know when my sales are happening. I feel that if I had more people getting these messages, I’d have even more sales. Twitter just isn’t reliable”


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One common problem LuLaRoe consultants have with their text alerts systems is “how do I get subscribers to sign up to receive text alerts?”

We’ve made this process a little easier for you.

Now, you can integrate your Mobile Text Alerts account with your LuLaRoe BLESS account, and invite your BLESS customers to receive text alerts!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Go to the Integrations Page

You can get to the integrations page by clicking either the “Import Subscribers from BLESS” link under “LuLaRoe Tools”
Import Subscribers From Bless

Import Subscribers From Bless


Or you can click “Integrations” under “Subscribers”



Step 2 – Connect your account to BLESS

On the Integrations page, integrate with Bless by entering your BLESS email and password
Integrate with Bless

Enter your BLESS username and password

Once you integrate, you should see a success notice letting you know that you are good to go.


Step 3 – Invite your BLESS customers

Now that you are integrated with BLESS, you can Invite Customers to join your text alerts subscribers list
Invite Customers

This sends out an invitation message to all your BLESS customers asking them to reply “subscribe me” to be added to your text alerts. This helps it so that only your customers who are actually interested in receiving your alerts will be signed up.


Step 4 – Your customers reply to your invitation, and are added to your text alerts list!

After the invitation is sent out to your customers, they have the option of replying “subscribe me” to your message to be automatically added to your texting list.

Once they reply, they are immediately added, and receive your welcome message

Subscribe Me


Step 5 (Optional) – Automatically add new BLESS customers

If you would like, you can check the “Automatically add new customers” box.
Automatically Invite New Customers

If you check this box, once per day Mobile Text Alerts will check your BLESS account for any new subscribers that haven’t been invited before, and will send them an invitation to join your text list.



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Grow Your Business

Tip #1 – Investing in your LuLaRoe business is necessary for growth

One challenge that many small business owners have across all industries is very little formal business training.

I know for me personally, when starting Mobile Text Alerts, this was a huge challenge. Many times when I was faced with different financial decisions, I floundered quite a bit, not really certain on what to do.

One revolutionary moment for me in my business thinking, was when I realized that to make money in my business, I needed to spend money in my business.

This was counter-intuitive for me. I was raised to be very frugal, and this made it difficult for me to spend money on different aspects of my business.

Eventually, after years of floundering, I learned (the hard way) that investing in your business doesn’t cost, it pays.

Once I was willing to spend the money necessary on key aspects of my business (Sales, Marketing, Tools, etc), Mobile Text Alerts really took off.

Corporate finance 101 will tell you that businesses should spend their initial profits in reinvesting, and your company should be no exception.

We see many LuLaRoe consultants that have a lot of troubles, because they think business principles don’t apply to LuLaRoe.

But the most successful consultants see LuLaRoe for what it is, a business like any other, and they apply business principles to their business to make it profitable.

Nervous about taking risks, especially in fickle economic times, the hesitancy to invest money is understandable. Spending money can be painful, but the result of not making investments in your business can be worse

Tip #2 – Please, please, please be careful going into debt investing in your business

We have seen too many consultants ruin themselves financially trying to invest in their business with loans.

Once in a while, it works out (See Brittanie’s story). But her story is an exception, not the rule!

For every consultant we see succeeding with debt, we see probably five that fail.

We wouldn’t recommend completely against leveraging debt, but please be very careful. Speak to a business advisor or someone with a financial or business background before taking that plunge.

Tip #3 – If you don’t want to use debt, come up with extra cash

If our first two tips are true: 1) You need to invest to succeed and 2) You shouldn’t go into debt to invest, what do you do if you don’t have any money? Are you doomed to failure as a consultant?

Not necessarily. Although no longer a consultant herself, we really appreciated Slap Dash Mom’s article 7 ways to fund your LuLaRoe Investment. We thought these were some great ideas for making some extra cash that you can invest.

Tip #4 – Always be investing in yourself

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, one investment that will always pay off is investing in yourself. Whether it be sales training, eating healthy, reading a book, whatever, it will be worth it.

And fortunately, with the internet at your fingertips, learning can be absolutely free

Check out Frugal Entrepreneur’s list of Free Business Courses and Training

I hope this list has been helpful for you! Please feel free to share this article, or comment below with any tips you think would be helpful to add.


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Our developers are at it again. We surveyed our customers to see what sort of features they would like added, and this is what you, our customers, decided on.

Many of our customers often run “Facebook Giveaways” for their subscribers. They make a post offering to give something away, and then randomly select a winner from all the comments.

We’ve automated this process for you, and included it in your Mobile Text Alerts account!

Here’s how it works.

Step 1

On Facebook, create a post announcing the giveaway. Make sure you write #giveaway in the post somewhere. This lets our system know that this is a giveaway. If you would like, you can create this post from your Mobile Text Alerts send message page.

Post to Facebook

Step 2

Wait until the contest is over

Step 3

Go to the ‘Giveaways’ page, and click ‘Find Giveaways’ to search that page for any posts with #giveaway

Select Group

Step 4

Once your giveaway is found, click ‘Select Winner’ for one of the commenters to be randomly selected as the winner

Find Winner


Step 5

Announce the winner on your Facebook page!

Hopefully this makes your life just a little bit easier!

Please leave any feedback or suggestions on ways to improve this feature, or ideas for new features in the future.


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Using Mobile Text Alerts, you can already schedule a text message to go out in the future, and post to Facebook from your control panel.

But based on feedback from our customers, now we have made it possible to schedule a Facebook Post through your control panel!

This makes it possible for you to log in, schedule your text messages and Facebook posts, and then sit back and relax.

All you need to do is go to your Send Message page and click the “Schedule Message to be Sent at a Later Date.”

Schedule a Facebook Post

Enter the date and time you would like the message to be sent, enter your message, and click “Schedule Facebook Post”
Schedule Facebook Post

We hope this is helpful for you as you organize your communication with your groups. As always, please leave feedback and let us know what we can do to make this even better.

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