Recently, BLESS decided to block all integration with its service. This is unfortunate news as it means we can no longer directly integrate with your BLESS accounts to invite subscribers or keep track of Loyalty Rewards and things of that nature. But, there is another solution you can implement to invite your BLESS customers!

Step 1:

Login to your BLESS Account and Select your “Customers” tab.

Step 2:

Select to “Show All” rows.

Step 3:

“Select All” and copy the page.

For PC: Ctrl+A

For Mac: +A

Once information is highlighted, press Ctrl+C or +C.

Or reference the image below.

Step 4:

Open a spreadsheet and “Paste” the material you “Copied.” The format can stay exactly the way it is pasted.

Step 5:

Go to the Invite BLESS Customers page in your control panel

Edit your Invite Message to say something personal.

Upload the spreadsheet you created with the list of all your BLESS customers

Your invites are sent upon importing the spreadsheet.


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