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Allyson Felix Gets Bumped, Ruined Relay Handoff Causes DQ [Video Reaction]

Allyson Felix Gets Bumped, Ruined Relay Handoff Causes Disqualification for U.S.

Oh the pressures of being an Olympian!

I can’t even imagine the weight and stress involved in competing in the Olympics.  And for someone like Allyson Felix, the pressure is multiplied because of all the expectations piled upon you.

I like Allyson Felix, and that’s why it was so heartbreaking to watch the following video from Thursday:

Allyson Felix gets bumped, causing her to botch the baton handoff and therefore disqualify the US from the 4×100 relay.  Luckily, according to the YouTube description from NBC, the US will be given another chance to qualify on Thursday.

The look on Felix’s face as she realizes her error is devastating and my heart goes out to her.  The announcer on the video said it right: It wasn’t a lack of skill that caused the problem but a plain and simple accident caused by physical contact made with the Brazilian runner in the other lane.

Felix explains her own disappointed reaction in the video below:

I say we support Felix and speak words of encouragement!  Bad stuff like this happens, and the US team is going to be given another chance.

I have a feeling she won’t let this shake her.  Every time I see her interviewed she always sounds positive and confident.  So I predict that she’ll shrug this off and make the United States of America proud.

In other Olympic news…

  • China’s athletes struggle to live up to the former glory of the London and Beijing Olympics and some members of the Chinese community are beginning to rethink the nation’s emphasis on winning golds.
  • Ryan Lochte issued an apology regarding his actions surrounding the supposed robbery he claimed to have experienced in Rio.  Read the story from the Chicago Tribune.

Have you been following the Olympics?  What are your favorite sports and who are your favorite athletes?

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