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How to Add, Edit, and Delete Subscribers Manually

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You can’t take full advantage of your Mobile Text Alerts services if you don’t know how to manage your subscribers! This tutorial will show you how to add, edit, and delete subscribers manually from to “Manage Subscribers” section of your control panel.


manage subscribers- viewing subscribers

Adding Subscribers

To add a subscriber, click the green “Add a Subscriber” button toward the top of the subscriber table.  This will insert a new row to your subscriber table.

manage subscribers- Add a subscriber

Fill out the desired information for your new subscriber.  None of the information is required.  Click “Save” when you are done and your new entry will be added.


Editing Subscribers

To edit the information for a subscriber, click the “Edit” icon on the row of the subscriber you want to edit.

edit subscriber

You can then change any information for that subscriber, such as name or phone number.  Be sure to click “Save” when you are done to make sure your changes are saved.


Deleting Subscribers

To delete subscribers, click on the row of a subscriber to highlight it, or hold shift to select the rows of multiple subscribers.

remove subscriber

Then click the red “Remove Subscribers” button toward the top to delete the selected subscriber(s).

HINT: To bulk delete a large number of subscribers, it may be helpful to change away from the “Select 10 Entries” in order to show a larger number of entries.  You can then delete up to 100 numbers at a time.


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