Ever wondered if you should send text messages for your business or organization? Not sure how to set up text alerts? Texting is how people communicate in this day and age. Young or old, rich or poor, it is a common medium that the majority of people use. So it makes sense that you would… Read More »

Sarah Cannon is a cancer research organization owned by HCA. They are centered in Nashville, TN, but have a presence in several communities across the United States as well as in London. According to its website, “Sarah Cannon is providing state-of-the-art cancer care close to home for hundreds of thousands of patients, a number unmatched… Read More »

One of the most frustrating challenges in building a team is finding ways to convince others to join, but it doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as you might think. Although most consultants understand how important building a team truly is, few are aware that the process does not require persuasive arguments or special… Read More »

Are you a Paparazzi Accessories consultant looking for some helpful Paparazzi Accessories tools? Trying to find ways to grow your customer base and increase sales? Check out these features included in your Mobile-Text-Alerts.com account that can help your Paparazzi business! Useful Paparazzi Accessories Tools: Sending Out Text Alerts With your Mobile Text Alerts account, of… Read More »

Katie is a ministry leader at Indian Hills Community Church in Lincoln, NE. She directs a girls’ choir as well as an adult women’s vocal ensemble. The girls’ choir consists of 4th-12th grade girls while the women’s ensemble has women of all ages. They rehearse regularly and sing at church services/events as well as nursing… Read More »

Selling Paparazzi accessories can be tough! What can you do to help your Paparazzi business? Between keeping up on inventory, making enough sales to cover your bases, ensuring you’re in line with compliance, marketing your products, and everything else involved, it’s a lot to keep up with! I’ll bet sometimes you feel adrift, a bit… Read More »

You know you should probably be doing bulk SMS marketing for your business or organization. The question is, how? Where do you start? What tools do you need? What information would you collect? Here are some steps to help get you started! Step 1: Select a Bulk SMS Marketing Service You’ll want to select a… Read More »

Raise your hand if you text regularly. While I can’t physically see you, I’d bet that your hand was up, even if it was only virtually. Now I want you to raise your hand if you text your customers regularly. I’m going out on another limb here, but I’m guessing your hand probably isn’t up… Read More »

Did you know you can integrate your Mobile Text Alerts with other services using Zapier? Although we’ve had the Zapier integration available for a while, our app is now public on Zapier!  All you have to do to get the integration started is to click the “Integrate with Zapier” button under the Subscribers->Integrations tab on… Read More »

At one time Karen Todd was a bright-eyed paralegal, with a passion for the law and excited about her job. But over time that fire began to fade. The drudgery of the daily grind began to wear her down. She began to wonder, “Where did that spark go? What happened to the fire?” That’s when… Read More »

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