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7 Ways That Law Firms Use Text Alerts

The media is all over the place when it comes to the depiction of lawyers and law offices.  Lawyers are portrayed as heroes and as villains, as stringently adhering to ethics and as flagrantly breaking all the rules, as fighting for justice and as fighting just to earn a buck.  But as with any other occupation, lawyers are normal people just like the rest of us; and although their lives may or may not be as chaotic as portrayed on film and TV, the truth is that law firms need order and organization to remain functional.  Here are 7 ways that law firms use text alerts to help stay organized and maximize their profits.

Law Firms Use Text Alerts

  1. Updates on Case Status

Some law firms have found that clients appreciate to be updated about their case status via text message.  Law firms will let clients know when they have worked on the case and will send a summary of how much work was done and how much time was spent.

  1. Updates on New Services and Resources

Has your firm added a new partner who specializes in another kind of law?  Have you recently published a book that you think clients will find helpful?  Have you added features or resources to your website?  Law firms can use text alerts to let clients (or potential clients) know about new services or resources available to them.

  1. Bringing in New Clients

Law firms use text alerts to promote themselves to interested prospects.  You can send out texts detailing the services you can provide or the prices for your services.  It’s much less likely that people will ignore a text message as opposed to an email or a social media post!

  1. Office Closures

Sending out text alerts is an easy way to let both clients and employees know if your law offices need to be closed due to inclement weather, or for any other reason.  Sending out a simple text really helps eliminate a lot of confusion when people are questioning whether they should come into work, or when you need to communicate to clients what your holiday hours are.

  1. Office Announcements

In addition to communicating about office closures, law firms can use text alerts to get other announcement across to staff.  If you need to reschedule a meeting, update employees on project priorities, or make any other kind of office announcements, a text alert is a quick way to do that.

  1. Staff Reminders

Are you concerned that your staff will forget about an important deadline, meeting, or other event?  Law firms can use text alerts to send out simple reminders to staff so that no one forgets anything important.  We are all forgetful and we all need reminders, and for many of us, our phones are the best way to remind us of something!

  1. Invoice Reminders

Another way that law firms use text alerts is to remind clients about an invoice balance.  You can send friendly reminders about an upcoming or past-due invoice and significantly decrease the chances of your client neglecting to pay.


These are just a few ways that law offices can take advantage of text alert technology.  What are some ways that your organization has found text alerts to be effective?  Let me know at

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