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7 Ways Text Alerts Can Improve Women’s Ministry

The role that women play in any church or non-profit organization is vital.  Without you, ladies, we men would be lost and our churches would surely crumble.  The support and gifts and uniqueness that you bring to the table allow for the church’s smooth functioning, and this is why women’s ministry is so important!  But how can church leaders get women plugged in and engaged in women’s ministry?

improve women's ministry

One way to increase women’s ministry engagement is through text alerts.  It’s a well-known fact that most women love to text!  (Yes, men love to text as well, but we’ll save that topic for another blog post.)  Understanding this, it only makes sense to include text messaging as an important way to get people engaged in women’s ministry.  Here are 7 ways that text alerts can improve women’s ministry.

  1. Bible Study Reminders

Many churches hold regular women’s Bible studies but struggle with getting people to actually show up!  Sending a text alert with a simple reminder about an upcoming study can significantly increase the number of women who attend.  You can include the day, time, a short note about the topic that will be studied, and any other information about the study: “Please join us Tuesday the 14th at 10 a.m. as we continue our study on the book of Romans.  Bring a dessert to share!”

  1. Women’s Retreats

If your church has periodic women’s retreats, sending out text alerts is an effective way to let women know about costs, dates, and details so that they can plan ahead: “Mark Feb. 20-21 on your calendars to attend our annual winter women’s retreat!  Tina Johnson will be teaching on loving your neighbor.  Cost is $100 including meals and lodging.”  Then you can follow up with reminders as the date approaches: “Don’t forget to bring a pen so you can take notes on all the wonderful things you will be learning at the women’s retreat Feb. 20th!”

  1. Other Women’s Events

Women’s fellowship nights, get-togethers with moms in the church, events for single women—any kind of event going on in women’s ministry can benefit from text alerts.  Use text alerts to let women know details about any upcoming special event: “Come play Bunco Friday at 7 p.m.!”

  1. Prayer Requests

Another way you can help the women in your church feel connected is by using text alerts as a means of sharing prayer requests.  Women can submit prayer requests to be sent out as a text alert to the other ladies in the church (or to a specified prayer team): “Please pray for Sharon Lake, who goes in for her first chemo treatment on Monday.”  The prayer team can then be sure to pray for the request and can offer support and encouragement to the woman who made the request.

  1. Devotionals

Day-to-day support and encouragement is important, so one way you can bless the women in your church is by sending daily or weekly devotionals.  You will want to keep them brief and simple, as text messages only allow a limited amount of space, but sometimes the briefest messages can be the most challenging or encouraging: “Titus 2:3 – ‘Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips…’  Are you a ‘malicious gossip’?  Be careful what you say about people today!”

  1. Daily “Family Challenges”

For married women with children, often one of the greatest challenges is having patience with their family on a daily basis.  To offer practical help, you can send a daily message with a “challenge” for women to demonstrate love to their husbands and kids.  The challenges can be simple, such as, “Make sure to tell each of your kids ‘I love you’ at least 3 times today” or, “Write your husband an encouraging note today and leave it in his dresser or his lunchbox.”

  1. Ministry Needs

There are so many ways that women can contribute in the church!  Ministry needs pop up all the time, and many women would be happy to help.  They just might need the gentle nudge of a text alert to help them know when, where, and how to help: “Is anyone able to make a meal or two for the Reed family after Lisa Reed’s surgery next week?  Please contact Sherry if you are able to help or need more details.”


Women’s ministry is important and is worth investing in!  Text alerts might be just the tool you need to improve women’s ministry in your church.

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