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7 Tips to Get People to Join Your Team

One of the most frustrating challenges in building a team is finding ways to convince others to join, but it doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as you might think. Although most consultants understand how important building a team truly is, few are aware that the process does not require persuasive arguments or special secrets that will influence a person to join your team. In fact, the following tips will help shift the focus away from recruiting tactics and more towards building a team environment that people have a powerful desire to be a part of.


Strive to Encourage

Advertising and marketing tactics aimed towards consumers have created a level of distrust and caused most individuals to be skeptical of sales pitches. Even when actively shopping in a retail store, buyers are quick to explain that they are “just looking” or “not interested”. The good news is that it is this very aversion to the traditional sales model that has created such a huge opportunity for direct sales consultants. Successful team building is most easily accomplished by deviating away from sales pitches and usual tactics, and the solution is to focus on how to encourage rather than convince. A persuasive argument will result in objections, but a low-key explanation followed by positive words of encouragement are tough to argue with!

Display Genuine Passion

People want to follow a leader that is both positive and genuinely passionate about the team. The passion starts with a strong belief in the products offered by the consultants. It’s no secret that word of mouth advertising is one of the most advantageous types of marketing, and a person with firsthand experience is always going to be a better representative than someone with limited or no experience. The passion cannot stop, however, with the product line or the benefits offered by a company. When a leader can show that she is truly interested in the success of her entire team, a potential recruit catches a glimpse of something that they would like to be a part of.

Showcase Local Success Stories

While there may be plenty of examples of consultants that have succeeded and reached prominent levels of both performance and earnings, the best success stories to showcase are going to be the ones that a potential team member can identify with. Local consultants displaying success prove that the area can be profitable and help put a face with the story. First hand testimonials are perhaps the most persuasive arguments that another person can make for your cause, and it can also indicate the level of support and encouragement that members of the team can expect to receive.

Identify Their Goals

One of the most common mistakes you can make as a leader is to assume that you know what motivates a person or what drives them to succeed. Money may be a motivator to many, but it is important to understand that it is not always the primary driver. In fact, some of the most successful consultants are individuals that are financially stable without the need to generate any specific level of income. Some prospects may be interested in learning more about communication or networking, some may be focused on creating an opportunity to spend more time with loved ones, and some may simply be driven by their desire to belong socially. It is necessary to not only identify the goals but also to understand them. Keep in mind that people love talking about their motivating factors and their goals, so ask for clarification or for further details if needed.

Share Your Goals & Experience

As a leader you must recognize the fact that people want to follow someone that they personally identify with. Be completely honest and share what lead you to pursue your opportunity in the first place, as well as what continues to serve as a driving force to new levels of success. Don’t be afraid to share both the wins and the losses. Discussing the obstacles that you previously faced in addition to the ones that you currently face can help make the concept more realistic and easier to relate to. It helps to remember that the success of your recruit largely depends on clear expectations and showing that you have the necessary experience to handle the challenges that arise can help encourage someone to feel as though they are in good hands.

Implement a Plan & Explain the Process

After you truly understand what drives a person and know what they want to achieve, the next step is to provide them with a clear outline of the steps necessary to succeed. The simple fact of the matter is that a leader’s responsibility does not stop once a person decides to join…the entire journey is just beginning. Implementing a plan will help not only by encouraging a prospect to get started but also by creating a road map that they can follow for their first week, their first month, and then beyond.

Utilize Your Existing Team

Some members of your team are likely to set themselves apart as proven leaders and positive encouragers and utilizing these individuals will help with their development and the recruitment process. Because it is next to impossible for one leader to manage an entire team alone, prospective recruits have the need to see what support is available to them in addition to you. Creating a mentorship program can certainly help the mentor and the mentee reach new levels of success, and sometimes it is easier for a new consultant to share concerns or frustrations with someone that they feel is less experienced in the business.

Inspiring people to join your team is a necessary task, but it also should prove to be one of the most rewarding aspects of succeeding as a consultant. Providing encouragement and support to recruits will help cultivate a team environment that focuses on positive interactions and growth. When a leader can utilize these tips and create a culture of success, the team becomes its own entity that people want to be a part of. Because many individuals involved in network marketing do not understand the fundamentals of helping others succeed, separating yourself as a dedicated consultant that truly wants to see each member achieve their goals will elevate your own success in the process.

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