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6 Tips for Getting People to Sign Up for Your Text Alerts

You are ready and excited to send out text alerts – you have a plan and great ideas for how you and your organization can take advantage of text messaging and you want to get started!  But you need people who are willing to receive them.  How can you go about getting people to sign up for your text alerts?

Getting People to Sign Up for Your Text Alerts

  1. Put in a request during a presentation.

Whether you’re a pastor delivering a sermon, or a supervisor holding a staff meeting, one way to get people to sign up for your text alerts is to include a request during your presentation.  If you insert a simple request at the beginning or end of your sermon/presentation asking people to text your keyword to our 662 number or shortcode, many people will pull out their phones and join your subscriber list right then and there.

  1. Include your sign-up page on your website.

Putting a link to your sign-up page (or directly embedding your sign-up page) on your website is an easy way for people navigating through your website to quickly sign themselves up.  The link for your sign-up page will be (where “keyword” is the actual keyword for your account).  If you want to embed the sign-up page directly on your website, you can find the HTML code by going to your sign up page, right-clicking on an open space on the page, and clicking “View Page Source” from the drop-down menu.

  1. Pass a sign-up sheet.

Another way that some people have found effective (although it is a little more work for you) is to generate a sign-up sheet and pass it around for people to fill out during a meeting or presentation.  Have spaces on the sheet for people to fill out their name and phone number, and then later on you can input the information into a spreadsheet and import the numbers yourself from your Control Panel.

  1. Post a request on your social media page(s).

Use your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media page to request that your members, customers, followers, or employees sign up for your text alerts.  Ask them to text your keyword to join, or put a link to your sign-up page.  Seeing that request pop up on their news feed just might be the prompting people need to sign themselves up to receive your messages.

  1. Insert a request into your newsletter/bulletin.

Insert a brief but noticeable request in your organization’s newsletter or bulletin asking people to text your keyword to join.  Even if they neglect to join right away, you can keep posting the request in every newsletter so that people will see it often and eventually subscribe!

  1. Make a special offer.

If you are unsure about whether or not people will be willing to give their numbers to receive your text alerts, you may consider making some kind of offer to get people to join.  For example, you may offer people who join 10% off their next haircut at your salon or a free book from your church’s bookstore.  You might be surprised at how willing people are to receive texts from you if you offer them something in return!


These are just a few tips for getting people to sign up for your text alerts.  What ways have you found useful for your organization?

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