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6 Text Marketing Campaign Ideas for Small Businesses

6 text marketing campaign ideas for small businesses

If you were to walk down a crowded city street, chances are that every person you would see over the age of twelve has a smartphone. Communication is easier now than it ever was, and because the technology is so accessible, even the smallest businesses can take advantage of the opportunity to utilize mobile marketing.

1. Use Texts to Welcome Feedback and Involve Customers

Many small businesses see great results when they utilize text message campaigns to either create polls, or run contests. People love spouting off their opinions, and they also love winning free stuff. When you choose to offer these things via text, you’re making it easier for your customers to get in on the game. All they have to do is pull out their phones.

2. Start a Useful Podcast

Podcasts have become an overwhelmingly successful form of broadcast media, and almost anyone can start their own. Try podcasting live a few times a month, talking with guests relevant to your industry and providing information your customers would love to hear about your niche. Incorporate texts by allowing your listeners to text in during the podcast. Answer their questions and share their insightful messages on-air.

3. Get Your Own App

It’s easy to find an app developer these days, and there’s one for every budget. Many small businesses create dedicated apps that offer ordering options and show current coupons. Your app can be used to generate business, but also to improve your dedication to your customers. If your customers have questions or need help, allow them to submit these queries through the app. Then, provide them with assistance via text message.

4. Create an Exclusive Loyalty Program

Rather than holding sales or events that are open to the general public, keep things limited to the in-crowd. Loyalty programs and insider sales make your customers feel valued, and these sales turn out to be more profitable if they’re directed toward repeat customers instead of the general public. Send out text message alerts about pop-up sales or exclusive offers you’re currently providing. Customers will be able to present their text message in-store to receive the special pricing or unique bonus.

5. Use Texts as Reminders

Let’s be honest: nobody really likes sales calls. You don’t like when salespeople intrude into your life with a phone call, and neither do your customers. Rather than badgering them via phone call, or sending them an email that they’ll mark as spam, send them a useful text message. It’s a great way to get a dialogue going in a flexible format, and it may save time. For example, sending a text to remind a customer of an appointment is substantially quicker than scheduling an entire phone call just to relay a single piece of information.

6. Give Real-Time Updates via Text

This is a great option for businesses that provide a service, or businesses that ship things out to their customer. Sending them a quick text message with a package tracking number, or showing them photos of the progress you’ve made on their project will keep them engaged. People like being informed, and if you take a few seconds to shoot them a text about what’s going on, they’ll appreciate you for it.

There’s no shame in the text messaging game. It’s less intrusive than other methods of marketing, and it has the potential to be just as effective when used correctly.


With a background in business administration and management, Tess Pajaron currently works at Open Colleges, Australia’s leading online educator. She likes to cover stories in careers and marketing.

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