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6 Killer Ideas for Using Your Text Alert System

6 Killer Ideas for Using Your Text Alert System

Ever get stuck and need some ideas for using your text alert system?  Sometimes the possibilities are so vast that you can get paralyzed trying to think of what to do next!  Ever wonder how other people use their text alert system?

Here are some ideas to help you get “un-stuck”:

  1. Remind subscribers of contribution dues

No one likes to nag others about collecting overdue money.  For non-profit organizations, an easy and painless way to try to remind members to pay their dues is via text alerts.  It is less awkward and potentially far more effective than hassling everyone all the time!

  1. Notify subscribers of upcoming special events

Every business, church, or other non-profit organization has special events from time to time.  What better way to notify people than on their own personal phones?  It’s ideal because then subscribers have all the info easily accessible on their phones.

  1. Communicate prayer requests to subscribers

Text alerts offer a convenient way for churches and other religious groups to inform members about any prayer needs.  You don’t have to worry about people forgetting to read their email (since text messaging has a much higher open rate) and you can almost instantly have dozens or hundreds of people praying at once.

  1. Announce webinar sessions to subscribers

Tired of going to all the work preparing webinars only to have a poor turnout?  You can use text alerts to help increase participation.

  1. Remind subscribers of special training times

Whether you’re a business manager needing to train employees on the job or a youth group leader wanting to train teenagers how to study their Bibles, text alerts can help remind people to show up for their training.  No more “I forgot” excuses!

  1. Reinforce rehearsal times for subscribers

Musicians and actors are notorious for being late (or for forgetting dates altogether)!  Use text alerts to help keep rehearsal dates and times ingrained in the minds of those involved in your church choir, high school orchestra, university band, community theater, or any other organization that has rehearsals.


Ultimately, you just have to tailor your text alert system to meet your needs and the needs of your group.  What other ways of using your text alert system can you come up with that fit your organization?

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