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50 Ways to Use Text Alerts – #1

Today we are beginning a new series on the Mobile Text Alerts blog called “ways to use text alerts”.  Every Monday, we will be bringing to you a way that one of our customers has used text alerts to accomplish their goals (whether that be increasing sales, increasing engagement, increasing communications, or something else).

Way #1 to use Text Alerts

A betting advisory service for sports (especially horse racing) is using text alerts to send their picks for all the daily sporting events.  Text alerts have revolutionized their business.  Instead of sending out daily emails, which rarely reached the intended audience in time, this company now uses text alerts, which 90% of people read within 3 minutes of it being sent.

Horse Racing

This company sends out thousands of text messages each week, and can only find Mobile Text Alerts as a service affordable enough to make sending out text alerts a reality.


Stay tuned for next Monday as we release way #2 to use text alerts!

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