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5 Tips and Tricks for Uploading Subscribers from a Spreadsheet

Tips and Tricks for Uploading Subscribers-2

The ability to import subscribers from a pre-existing list is a useful feature of your Mobile Text Alerts system.  Although the process is simple enough, here are 5 tips and tricks to help save you time and frustration.

  1. Make sure your column headings are in the right format.

The only necessary column heading is a PhoneNumber heading (under which you must list the phone numbers you would like to upload).  Optional column headings you can add include FirstName, LastName, GroupName, and Email.  The order in which these headings appear on your spreadsheet does not make a difference.

  1. Create your groups on your account before you upload.

Some people assume that including group names on their uploaded list will automatically create the groups on their account.  However, uploading your spreadsheet will not actually create any groups but will place your subscribers into groups that already exist on the account.  If the groups do not already exist on the account, then the subscribers will not be placed into any group.

  1. If your spreadsheet won’t upload, copy and paste the values into another spreadsheet.

If you are having difficulty getting your spreadsheet to upload, one thing you can try is to copy and paste the values into another spreadsheet.  The steps to do this include:

  • Select all the cells in your spreadsheet
  • Right-click and select “Copy”
  • Open up another spreadsheet
  • Right-click and select “Paste Special -> Values” to paste the values into the new spreadsheet
  • Save and upload the 2nd spreadsheet

This process can help get rid of any formatting in your spreadsheet that may be hindering the upload.

  1. If you uploaded a spreadsheet but forgot to include some information, don’t erase all the subscribers that you just uploaded.

Sometimes our customers will upload their sheets and then after the numbers are added to the account they may realize that they forgot to include a group name or an email or some other piece of information.  When this happens, some people think that they must delete all of the subscribers they just uploaded so that they can start again and try to re-upload.  This is not necessary.

The system is designed to not upload any duplicates, so if you need to add any information to subscribers on the account all you need to do is add that information onto your spreadsheet and then upload again.  The system will not add duplicates but will instead update the information for any existing numbers on the account.

  1. Break larger spreadsheets into smaller chunks.

If you have a larger spreadsheet to upload (a sheet of several thousand numbers or more), the process can sometimes take a little while.  And if something happens to interrupt the upload, such as the internet connection timing out or you accidentally exiting out of the window, you may be left frustrated.  Although the system should pick up where it left off when you attempt to upload again (and it won’t upload any duplicates), you still might find it easier to keep track of things if you break your larger spreadsheet up into smaller chunks and upload each chunk at a time.


As always, if you ever have any questions or issues feel free to let us know at or on our Contact page!

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