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5 Components of a Successful SMS Campaign


5 components of a successful sms campaign

Texting can increase sales conversions!

But how do I go about it? Where to start? What can I do to help ensure a successful SMS campaign?

Pamela Hazelton of PracticalEcommerce offers some great tips on how texting can boost conversions.

Hazelton remarks, “SMS has the advantage of reaching [consumers] instantly, and potentially during times when they’re waiting in lines and need something to pass the time.” She then points out that the response rate for SMS is 45% as opposed to 6% for emails.

Some of her helpful tips, with some explanations of my own, include the following.

Easy sign-up process

The sign-up process should be quick and painless. There shouldn’t be a lot of red tape people need to jump through in order to receive your messages.

An easy way for subscribers to sign up is by texting in a keyword or by using a sign-up page. Make the process as clear as possible and you will see a lot more responses!

Clarity about who is sending the message

No one likes to receiving messages unexpectedly from people or organizations they don’t know. Be clear about who is sending the message.

Single main point

Don’t go off on too many tangents. Hazelton makes a good statement: “Make the single call-to-action clear. Keep the message simple and limited to one topic. Messages that focus on one key factor work best.”

I would definitely agree with that. With text messaging, the simpler and the shorter, the better.

The right amount of messages

Don’t overuse your text marketing! People will grow tired of receiving messages from you if you send message after message day after day.

Hazelton suggests that you limit the number of messages to approximately 2-3 each month. This is enough to keep your name out there without seeming too spammy.

Consideration for your audience

Send messages that you think your audience would want to receive. Make sure you are relevant or else your messages will go ignored.

For example, sending advertisements for a sale on summer dresses to a male teenager will not help them or you.


With these tips in hand, go forth and send out your text messages! You have a powerful tool at your fingertips and you want to utilize it to the best of your abilities.

Make your next campaign the most successful SMS campaign ever!

Sign up for a text alert system today.

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