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5 Awesome Upgrades to Enhance Your Text Alert Experience [Infographic]



Text version: 5 Awesome Upgrades to Enhance Your Text Alert Experience

The ability to send out mass text messages with the click of your mouse or the tap of your finger is extremely useful.  But did you know you have some awesome upgrades to your text alert system?  Here are some upgrades to enhance your text alert experience.

1. Shortcode Keywords

Shortcode keywords allow your potential subscribers to text in to a short 5 digit number to subscribe to your text messages.

This can make it much easier for people to subscribe and can increase subscription rates!

More information on shortcodes can be found here:

2. MMS Messages

MMS messages allow you to attach images or other media to go along with your texts.

Perfect for people who want to connect with their audience using visuals!

More information on MMS can be found here:

3. Phone Alerts

Sometimes a phone call is more appropriate than a text message.

Phone alerts allow you to record an audio message and then send it out to multiple subscribers at once!

More information on phone alerts can be found here:

4. Mobile Surveys

Trying to collect your subscribers’ opinions via calling, emailing, etc. can be tough.

People often ignore your request, forget about it, and move on with their lives.

With mobile surveys, however, it is easy for people to respond quickly.

The survey question gets delivered directly to their text message inbox.  Responses are collected and tallied easily for you.

5. Text-to-speech

Text-to-speech allows you to type out a message and have that message be converted to speech for your recipients.  The system will call your recipients’ phones and read the message out loud.  Yet another awesome way to connect with your group!


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