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4 Ways to Personalize Your Text Message Marketing

4 ways to personalize your text message marketing

Most businesses and organizations are always looking for new ways to bring in more customers or members.  What’s so great about text messages?  We’ve already discussed reasons and ways to get started using SMS text message marketing.

(For more reasons why you should use SMS text message marketing, read this from Huffington Post.)

Building on that, I wanted to elaborate on ways you can use text message marketing to personalize and connect with your target audience. has some great ideas on this, among which include the following:

  1. Use your subscribers’ location

If you know your subscribers’ location, you can incorporate that in your marketing texts.  For example, if you have subscribers in a certain area of the country that is having a lot of higher temperatures, you can send out a message referencing the heat and letting them know about a sale on swimwear.

  1. Collect information on special occasions

Have your subscribers submit information regarding their birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions and then send them messages on those dates.  Sending them a text message with a special deal and a simple “Happy anniversary, Sam!” can really go a long way in increasing member loyalty.

  1. Follow up on inactive subscribers

You can use text messages to follow up on customers that haven’t been active in a while.  Keep track of all your subscribers who haven’t used your service in the past several months and send them a text message enticing them to return. Consider this example from “We miss you.  Come back and take $10 off your next purchase.”

  1. Keep track of what categories subscribers prefer

If you have subscribers set their preferences or if you can find some other way to keep track of what categories they prefer in regards to your service, you can use this information to your advantage when it comes to personalizing marketing.  If they enjoy a certain flavor of your ice cream, you can send a discount on that flavor, for example.


These are just a few options (see the MediaPost article for more ideas).  There is so much personalization that can be done, and the fact that these messages go straight to your subscribers’ phones automatically makes this medium infinitely more personal than other means of marketing!

Don’t be afraid to experiment and spend time thinking about new ways to engage with your audience through text message.  SMS is the language everyone is speaking these days!

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