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4 Ways Teachers Use Text Alerts to Help Students

Digital tools such as an online SMS service have reshaped how teachers connect and communicate with students beyond the classroom. While most teachers require students to turn off their phones during class to limit distractions, many are encouraging cell phone use outside the classroom for keeping track of assignments, due dates, and helpful resources.

SMS Text and how it helps students and teachers

Text messaging also provides a way for teachers to provide personal feedback and answer questions. Plus, setting up an online SMS service for class allows teachers to send automatic due date alerts, reducing the once-common excuse of forgetting to do one’s homework. Here are 4 ways that teachers can use text alerts from an online SMS system to help students.

  1. Due Dates

Students of all ages need reminders about homework!  Teachers can send a quick text to their classroom reminding about homework due dates.  Students can never use the excuse of “I forgot” again!

  1. Assignments

In addition to reminding students of due dates for homework, teachers can send texts to remind students what the homework assignment is and what is expected for students to receive a passing grade.  Then students will have the assignment details conveniently available on their phones for easy access.

  1. Additional Resources

Teachers can send links to videos, websites, or other resources to help support the material learned in class.  Students are more likely to use these additional resources if they receive a text about them on their personal phones and can easily follow a link.

  1. Interactivity

Getting on the students’ level by using text messages is a creative way to engage with them and encourage interactivity.  Teachers can ask questions and invite feedback; then students can respond, and teachers can use the responses to help improve the educational experience.

Educators need to be continually innovative, always thinking of ways to reach their students and help them learn.  With most students (now even as early as elementary school) using texting as their primary means of communication, it only makes sense that teachers would want to try joining in. Check out our SMS text service and learn how it can help you today.

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