4 Ways Stockbrokers Use Text Alerts to Help Clients

November 19, 2015 | Back to the Blog

Traders and stockbrokers are constantly busy, always trying to keep their customers up to date and in the know.  The stock market can be an ever-changing roller coaster of craziness, and one way that stockbrokers can help their clients wade through the craziness is by using text alerts.  With text alerts, stockbrokers can communicate to clients in a way that is instant and personal.

Here are 4 ways that stockbrokers use text alerts to help their clients.

Stockbrokers use text alerts

  1. Advising

This is the main reason stockbrokers use text alerts—to advise people on what’s going on in the stock market. You can send as many texts as you need letting people know percentages, costs, which stocks are up, which stocks are down, and anything else that people might need advisement on when it comes to buying and selling stocks.  Stock trading is complicated, so clients need constant assistance if they are going to make the most use out of your services.


  1. Instant Updates

Going along with advising, the ability to send instant updates to your clients is extremely useful when it comes to dealing with stocks. The stock market is constantly changing, so you can keep your clients up to date as often as you need to.  If they are serious about their investments, then they will appreciate the instantaneous help from the convenience of their phones.


  1. Advertising

Stockbrokers use text alerts to bring in new clients or new potential clients. Advertise your service’s competitive advantage and try to draw people in. Let them know about any promotions or sales you have going on.  People are significantly more likely to read a text message than they are to read an email or a social media post, so advertising via text message can be an effective and affordable alternative to get more clients who can take advantage of your services!


  1. Announcements

You can let people know about new seminars, informational sessions, videos, books, and any other of your new products or services that might help them. Announcing these services via text will help ensure that your clients are aware of them so that they can utilize them.


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