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4 Ways for people to sign up to receive text alerts from you

One of the most frequently asked questions about Mobile Text Alerts is “What are the different ways that the members of my group sign up to receive text alerts?”

With Mobile Text Alerts there are 4 different ways for someone to subscribe to receive alerts.

  1. Join by texting in – Anyone can simply text in to the system in order to start receive texts right away.  They simply need to text your ‘username’ or ‘keyword’ to our system at 662-200-4303.  For example, texting the word ‘verse-of-the-day’ to 662-200-4303 will sign you up for the account ‘verse-of-the-day’.
  2. Join by visiting the generated sign up form – Every account that registers for Mobile Text Alerts automatically has a sign up form generated for them.  This sign up page allows people to enter their name and number and start receiving messages right away.
  3. Manually enter people from the control panel – It is also possible to sign people up to receive text alerts manually from the control panel.  Just click ‘Insert’ in the control panel, and you can add as many numbers as needed.
  4. Import a spreadsheet of numbers – Sometimes it is necessary to populate a lot of numbers into the system all at once.  This particularly happens when moving to Mobile Text Alerts from another provider, or when just starting up your text alert system.  Thankfully, you don’t have to enter all of those numbers by hand, but you can simply import a spreadsheet!

These are the 4 ways that you can import numbers into your account.  We’ve tried to keep things pretty flexible, so that you can focus on getting information out, not on managing a list of numbers.

As always, if you haven’t already, you can try a free test account of Mobile Text Alerts at

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