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4 Ways to Grow Your Text Message Subscriber List

No text messaging campaigns will be successful if you don’t have subscribers signed up to receive the message. You can have the best text messages written, you can have the best text alert provider (Mobile Text Alerts!), but if you don’t have any subscribers, then your campaign will fail. No one will see your message, no one will purchase your product.



After several years of service in the text message sending business, here are 4 proven ways to grow your text message subscriber list from us and our customers.

    1. Put Your Keyword Everywhere
      Put your keyword on every piece of marketing that you have. Every tshirt, every coupon, every email. Put ‘text “keyword” to 662-200-4303 to receive updates!’ and watch the subscribers flood in.
    2. Offer an Incentive For Subscribing
      Offer some kind of a coupon for those who subscribe to receive your text alerts. Most people won’t do something for free, but given the right incentive they will gladly comply.
    3. Start a Contest
      This might be considered a sub-category of “Offer an Incentive for Subscribing,” but really start a contest, offer a great prize, and the entry fee is just a little old subscription to receive your text alerts.
    4. Offer Good Content
      This is key to not only getting people to subscribe to your text alerts, but in getting them to¬†stay subscribed to your text alerts. If you only post boring, worthless things, it’s going to be hard to convince people to stay subscribed. Send content that is worth reading, and your list will grow. Along with this, don’t send too many messages! One worthless text message here and there is no big deal, but send 5 worthless messages every day and you will watch your subscriber list dwindle away.

We hope this helps you be successful in growing your text alerts subscriber list. What tips do you have for growing your list? What have you found to be successful? What have you found that didn’t work so well?

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