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4 Tips for Creating the Most Effective Text Alerts

4 Tips for Creating the Most Effective Text Alerts-2

Just sending out text alerts won’t automatically make them successful. To really be effective in accomplishing your goals for sending out text messages, you need to plan. You need to craft each message as skillfully as possible to get the most out of each alert sent. But how do you do that?

Here are 4 tips for creating the most effective text alerts.

  1. Keep it short.

The whole idea behind text messaging is to be short and to-the-point. Before you send your message, evaluate if there is any way you can condense and shorten it. Ideally you should keep it short enough that the message doesn’t need to split into two.

How do you keep it short?  Get straight to the heart of what you are trying to communicate. Don’t beat around the bush or get too wordy—this is a text message, not an essay.

  1. Keep it simple.

Don’t try to include a lot of complicated information in your text alerts. If your texts are too complicated, most likely your audience will get bored or annoyed and will ignore your messages.

How do you keep it simple?  Don’t include more information than is necessary or feasible. For example, if you’re trying to remind about the details of an upcoming event you may consider just putting the address of the venue rather than trying to include detailed directions explaining how to get there.

  1. Keep it relevant.

Don’t send your audience text messages that have nothing to do with them. Make sure that the messages you send pertain to your audience’s circumstances. If your subscribers are continually receiving messages from you that don’t apply to them, they will view your messages as unimportant and may even unsubscribe.

How do you keep it relevant?  Evaluate your list of recipients to make sure your messages pertain to all of them. Consider dividing your list into groups (on your “Manage Groups” page) to help direct your messages to the proper recipients when you are sending out text alerts.

  1. Keep it interesting.

Even if your messages are relevant, do your best to also keep them interesting. Otherwise your audience may get bored with your attempts to communicate and connect with them.

How do you keep it interesting?  Reflect your own personality and voice into your messages as much as possible. Consider not sending out messages too frequently so that your audience doesn’t get tired of receiving messages from you.


If you follow these 4 general rules, you will find much more success with your text alerts! What tips have you found helpful for sending out messages to your group?

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