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4 SMS Marketing Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Messages

SMS marketing tipsLooking for SMS marketing tips?

You know people love texting and pay closer attention to texts than to emails, social media posts, or even phone calls.

But you’re just not sure how to go about sending those messages.

What kinds of SMS marketing messages would people want to receive? How often would they want to receive them? How can you use texting to build and maintain good rapport with your audience?

Follow these 4 SMS marketing tips to help you get the most out of your messages!

1. Be You

Your audience will expect you to “be you” – to sound like you and come across in a tone that is consistent with your brand. Author and speaker Ann Handley discusses how in marketing you want to use “voice and tone consistently across all channels and accounts to convey brand. Your tone of voice is a differentiator in a sea of same, yet most organizations vastly undervalue it.”

For example, if your company is a no-nonsense law firm, you most likely don’t want to have a lot of slang, “text speak,” or unicorn emojis in your SMS marketing. However, if you are an independent direct sales retailer some of those items may be appropriate!

So find your brand’s tone and stick with it as best you can!

2. Know Your Audience

Out of all the SMS marketing tips this may be the most important.

Effectiveness in SMS marketing largely comes down to how well you know your audience.

The better you know your audience the more you can tailor your messages to meet their needs and desires.

For example, if your audience is primarily young moms they will probably be interested in your special you’re running on diapers. But if your audience is primarily retired people they probably wouldn’t care to receive those marketing messages.

You can segment your SMS marketing list by organizing subscribers into groups and sending messages relevant to them.

3. Figure Out How Often You Should Send

How often you should send may vary greatly depending on your organization and what kinds of messages you are sending.

For example, many of our direct sales retailers send out a text every time they are running a live sale (which can be multiple times per week). Other industries may find their customers getting irritated if they receive many messages at all.

It comes back to the first point of how you know your audience! Try to find out and anticipate what they would expect and want. You don’t want to send so many messages that people get annoyed and start unsubscribing, but you also don’t want to send so few that your messages lose any impact.

It may take a bit of trial and error as you experiment, and that’s okay too!

4. Entice Your Audience

This should go without saying but if your messages are not enticing they will be ignored!

You want to do your best to craft SMS marketing messages that draw your audience in and appeal to them.

A simple text reminding people to come and shop with you may be okay depending on your business and audience, but sometimes you might need to sweeten the deal.

Using enticing language or exclusive discounts and offers could go a long way to boost the effectiveness of your messages and increase the value your audience places on your SMS marketing.


Take these tips and give them a go! If you’re still on the fence about SMS marketing try a free test account┬áto get a feel for how it works

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