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4 Reasons Text Messaging is Great

Text messaging has taken the world by storm over the last five years. It has surpassed above and beyond every other form of communication. Here are 4 of the reasons why:


  1. Texting is like digital telepathy РText messaging is the perfect way to create a private world between you and anyone that you like. With this link, you can share whatever you would like.
  2. Texting let’s you talk on your own time-table – If you’re anything like most people in our society, finding the time you need to get everything done is a huge challenge. Between kids, jobs, TV, and all the other stresses of the day it’s almost impossible to spend the time needed to communicate everything you need to get across. The great thing about text messaging is that it allows you to “connect” while you’re at work, while watching your kid’s soccer game, while stuck in line at the grocery store.
  3. Texting is non-confrontational and gives you time to figure out what to say – Texting lets you take your time with what you’re going to say. It allows you to establish the kind of connection you want behind the “safety screen” of your cell phone.
  4. Texting provides an “always on” connection with people¬†– Most people keep their phones with them at all times. In fact, most people enter a complete freak out mode if they are away from their phone for just a few minutes.
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