4 Reasons Why You Should Start Sending Text Alerts Right Now

January 24, 2017 | Back to the Blog

Are text alerts a good idea for your organization? What if people get annoyed by your messages messages? What if it’s too expensive? Too intrusive?

I’m going to explain why sending text messages is a wonderful way to connect with your group and why you should start sending text alerts right now!

  1. Text alerts are affordable

Texting can actually be quite inexpensive! You don’t need to break your bank to send alerts for your organization. Plans start as low as $19/month, so even if your organization is a non-profit or a small business on a limited budget you can take advantage of text alert services.

  1. Text alerts are opt-in-based

In order to legally be able to receive text alerts, subscribers need to give their consent. They can do this by texting in your keyword to opt in, by going to your web sign-up page, or by signing some kind of consent form. Giving their consent means that they want to receive messages from you!

This means that they won’t find your texts annoying or intrusive. They have willingly subscribed to your alerts. As long as you pay attention to the wants and needs of your audience and exercise wisdom when sending messages, they’ll look forward to hearing from you!

  1. Text alerts are not ignored

Unlike with emails or social media posts, which people often ignore without reading, people almost always read their text messages. It is a highly rare occurrence for a text message to go unread!

This means that when you send a text alert your subscribers are much more likely to pay attention to your message.

  1. Text alerts create a record for easy reference

With other forms of communication it’s easy for messages to get lost or forgotten. But with text alerts, people have your message conveniently accessible on their phones.

Your subscribers will appreciate having information on their phones for handy access.  Another perk is they can easily add any information to their phone’s reminder or calendar system.


These are just a few simple reasons why sending text alerts is a great idea for whatever organization you’re a part of! Texting is the law of the land these days—it’s easily overtaken email, phone calls, and social media as many people’s primary means of communication.

Why not meet people where they are? Start sending text alerts right now.

Try a free test account today at https://mobile-text-alerts.com/signup

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