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4 Great Summer Camp Games

Summer is right around the corner, here is a list of 6 great summer camp games that are easy to put together, and that your summer camp could start playing this year!

Count Off

Everyone sits in a circle and the goal is to count to 20.  It seems easy enough, but there are a few catches!

  • You can not plan ahead as to who is going to say which number
  • You can not count around the circle
  • No talking or signals allowed
  • If any two people say a number at the same time, you must start back at “1”

I Have Never

A fun game to find out more about your fellow campers

  • Have one person sit in the middle of a circle of chairs with everyone else sitting in one of the chairs.
  • The person in the middle says something they have never done – “I have never played tennis”
  • The people in the circle who have done what this person has not done must get up and switch seats.
  • You cannot switch seats with the person sitting directly next to you
  • The person in the middle has to quickly try and take a seat from those who are switching before they become occupied again.
  • Whoever is left in the middle says something they’ve never done and the game begins again!


Blob Tag

  • Choose someone as “IT”
  • The person who is IT chases everyone else.  Once they catch someone, they must join hands to create a blog.
  • The blob must keep holding hands while they start chasing again.  Whoever they catch joins on to the blog
  • Once the blog has six people, it can split into two groups of three, and may split into groups of three at any time after that
  • The person left without being tagged is IT and the game starts again


Human Knot

  • Get everyone in your group to stand in a circle.
  • Everyone then reaches across the circle with their right hand to grab the right hand of another person in the group.
  • Then everyone reaches in with their left hand to grab the left hand of another person in the group.
  • Now your aim is to untagle the knot you have made without letting go of hands until a circle is formed.
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