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4 Articles You Should Read About How People Use Text Alerts

4 articles about how people use text alerts

Unique. New. Innovative.

People always look for the next new thing. But sometimes we just need to utilize and take full advantage of what we already have.

Text messaging is one of the those things.

People use text messages in all sorts of interesting ways.

All over the world, across the threshold of hundreds of different industries, to many different audiences…

Here are 4 different articles to help illustrate my point and show how people use text alerts.

Receiving updates from gas and electric companies

This article mentions how gas and utility companies can use text alerts “to contact consumers with severe weather and service warnings.”

Is there a power outage? Your electric company could let you know via text messaging. This could be a huge benefit to utility companies as well as the customers they serve.

Registering to vote

The state of Georgia implemented a new policy that uses text messaging in reverse. Instead of simply sending messages out to its residents, the state allows citizens to text in to register for voting.

All that people need to do is text “Georgia” to 28683 and they can register or see what their current voting status is. The ease and convenience of this method is sure to draw more voters for the upcoming elections.

Improving health in India

People in India realize the potential for using text alerts to improve the health of Indian citizens. The article mentions studies that show how text messaging can help decrease instances of diabetes and help increase cessation of tobacco consumption.

The article points out, “Text messaging is a particularly effective and inexpensive intervention because people carry their mobile phones with them through the day and the messages reach them without need for consistent connectivity or Internet capability.”

Increasing college performance

Some colleges send text alerts to students or potential students in an effort to increase enrollment and retention. Messages that colleges send include reminders regarding scholarships and encouragement to enroll in a full amount of credits, among other updates and reminders.

Another benefit to this type of program is the ability for students to reply to the messages. A counselor or other staff member can personally reply and offer the students personalized assistance.

How People Use Text Alerts

From Georgia to India, from colleges to electric companies—text messaging works for almost any industry.

Though text messaging has been around for a long time, people around the world are finally beginning to understand its significance.

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