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33 Businesses That Need to Use Text Message Marketing

Are you looking for a better way to communicate with your customers?

If you’re frustrated that your messages aren’t getting through and tired of seeing skyrocketing missed appointment rates and lackluster attendance for your events, you should know there’s a better way to stay in touch.

It’s called text message marketing.

While you may not be using this method of communicating with your customers, today we’ll be discussing why your business should start and what you stand to gain.

We’ll even share our favorite tips for improving your business using mass texts so you can hit the ground running.

Let’s talk about how text message marketing works for each of different types of businesses below.

Technician-Based Businesses Can Improve Communication

When you’re trying to reach your techs in the field, the last thing you need is a communication error.Mistakes like these can cost you in both time and revenue, which are two things most businesses can’t afford to lose.

Luckily, there’s a better way to handle this situation as we talked about in this article about how to communicate with your field techs using mass texts.

Not only can text messages improve your internal communication, they’re also great for external communication with your customers.

In this case, you can send your customers service reminders to ensure they’re scheduling their next appointments on time.This works well in two ways:

  1. You’re getting your customers back in the door for their next appointment.
  2. You’re also providing great customer service for sending an appointment reminder.

Another ideal text to send your customers is an in-between maintenance suggestion.

So, for example, if you’re an HVAC repair company, you could set up automated text reminders to send your customers little nudges each month to change their filter or perform other easy maintenance at home.

By doing this, you’ll stay top of mind with your customers and help them run their system as efficiently as possible so they’re not hit with a costly repair bill.

The following technician-based companies can all benefit from using text message marketing:

  1. Pest control services
  2. Pool cleaning and maintenance services
  3. Appliance repair
  4. Heating/Cooling repair and installation companies
  5. Lawn care
  6. Mobile groomers
  7. Security installation and monitoring services

Appointment-based businesses can also reap the rewards of using text messages. I’ll show you how next.

Appointment-Based Businesses Can Reduce Their Missed Appointment Rates

Most of your customers are busier than ever. The last thing they need to remember is their next appointment.

If they do forget these, you’re left with a non-revenue generating gap in your schedule. That may cost you several hundred dollars in missed profits each week.

But you won’t have to deal with that problem if you’re using mass texts.

With these, simply send your customers a few reminder texts to ensure they’ll never miss an appointment with you again.

So you don’t annoy your customers, use this handy appointment reminder schedule:

First, send a text message the week before your customer’s scheduled appointment asking to confirm if they are going to make it.

Next, send a reminder text at least 24-48 hours (max) before their scheduled appointment.

This reminder should give your customer an option to cancel if something has come up.

If your customer still plans on making their appointment, they shouldn’t have to reconfirm or take further action (which should be listed in your text).

The reply should only be used for customers who need to re-schedule.

Both texts can be set up and scheduled ahead of time which means you’ll soon become a well oiled machine sending reminders on weekends and holidays when your business may not even be open.

This works well for the following businesses:

  1. Hair salons
  2. Nail salons
  3. Spas
  4. Massage services
  5. Salt rooms
  6. Lawyers
  7. Realtors
  8. Accountants/Financial advisors
  9. Dentists/Orthodontists
  10. Surgeon offices
  11. Specialty doctors

Independent consultants can also use text message marketing to communicate with their customers and grow their businesses, as we’ll see next.

Independent Consultant Based Businesses Can Increase Engagement and Awareness

Not only can you confirm appointments with reps in your downline, you can also use mass texts to increase awareness for your upcoming sales and events.

I talked in great length about how to drum up excitement for your next sale in this article so I won’t spend too much time explaining the points in detail here.

In short, you can use texts to:

  • Bring awareness to your upcoming events
  • Keep customers in the loop with event details and updates
  • Send countdown follow ups
  • Generate excitement the day of the event
  • Send thank you follow ups afterwards

On top of that, you can finally break free of having to fight the clutter that comes with posting your messages to social media and sending them via email.

Instead of wondering if your messages were noticed, you can use texts to ensure they not only make it, but also get opened.

Text message open rates continue to stay well above average at 99%.

These strategies work well for anyone in the following business models:

  1. Independent retailers or distributors
  2. Independent consultants
  3. Independent sales reps
  4. Life/Accountability coaches

Up next, I’ll show you how businesses in the fitness world may also benefit from using a business SMS service.

Fitness Based Businesses Can Hold Clients Accountable

Gyms, coaches, personal trainers, and nutritionists also rely on clients sticking to their appointment times.

Using mass texts can certainly help here, but that’s not all they can do for your business.

This time, text messages can help you hold your client accountable well beyond keeping them to their appointment schedule.

Whether you’re asking clients to send you daily food logs or workout training results, the out-of-the-gym coaching that comes with text messages will help you keep your clients on track.

The more your customers commit to your recommendations, the faster they’ll see results, which will make them more likely to stick with your program. This will help you build loyal customers for life.

Businesses that can benefit from this extra perk include:

  1. Small gyms
  2. Class based fitness studios
  3. Personal trainers and athletic/fat loss coaches
  4. Nutritionists

If you’re a small business owner and your customers don’t need appointment reminders, you can still reap the rewards of using text message marketing as I’ll show you next.

Small Businesses Can Build Brand Loyalty

Businesses that don’t need appointment reminders or accountability nudges use text messages to help grow their profits.

This time, you’ll send your customers VIP deals using an exclusive discount code and text updates to drive awareness to your upcoming sales.

You can also send reminders when your sales are about to end to create a sense of urgency.

Plus, you can even use text updates to send weekly or monthly specials to your customers. These keep your customers in the loop and generate excitement to make  repeat purchases. We discussed exactly how to create brand loyalty using texts in this article.

All of these tactics work really well for the following businesses:

  1. Online retailers
  2. Brick and mortar stores
  3. Subscription based businesses
  4. Restaurants
  5. Cafes
  6. Coffee or tea shops
  7. Bars and kombucha shops

Start Using Text Message Marketing Today if You Want to Build a Loyal Following and Increase Conversions

No matter the size and scope of your business, if it falls within one of the categories I’ve listed today, you’re losing revenue by not using mass texts.

Start using text message marketing in addition to your overall marketing strategy and you’ll:

  1. Improve communication both internally with your employees and externally with your customers
  2. Lower your missed appointment rates
  3. Grow your business
  4. Hold clients accountable
  5. Drive awareness to your upcoming events
  6. Build brand loyalty

So if you’re ready to get started with a business SMS service, check out this page. After all, can your business really afford not to?

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