3 Ways Restaurants Use SMS to Improve Brand Loyalty

December 28, 2016 | Back to the Blog


Restaurant owners find themselves in a great position to take advantage of mobile marketing.

The restaurant industry is one that by nature holds great potential to give calls-to-action. When you present a call-to-action accompanied by irresistible deals, it produces effective results!

Here are 3 ways you as a restaurant owner or marketer can use SMS.

1. Offer free stuff just for joining!

An excellent way to use SMS to improve brand loyalty is to hook customers in to your text alerts by offering something free just for joining the list.

When customers text your in your keyword to a particular number, they can receive an automatic message back that acts as a coupon so they can receive a free appetizer, dessert, or side. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, Texas Roadhouse reportedly “acquired 60,000 subscribers to its mobile database in one year via a variety of loyalty call-to-actions,” one of which includes offering a free appetizer to those who join the database.

From my own personal experience, the fast-food chain Culver’s got some extra business from my wife and I by offering a free dessert (with any purchase) for subscribing to their text alerts!

2. Offer exclusive discounts

Exclusivity helps improve brand loyalty by increasing the likelihood that people will engage in your calls-to-action. If people feel that they’re part of a “VIP list” and that the deal they receive is exclusive only to that small list, it follows that they would feel more connected to the brand. Thus, they are more likely to engage with your restaurant.

Don’t miss out on your chance to really engage with and reward a loyal audience base!

3. Offer personalized deals

Another way to utilize exclusivity to your advantage is to offer personalized deals to your subscribers. This could include keeping track of subscribers’ birthdays and offering them a free or discounted item. Or it could include offering promotions based on subscribers’ preferences.

If they want to receive drink promotions, for example, they could sign up for your “Drink Deals” group. The result would be that they will receive promotions they are interested in rather than cluttering their inbox with deals they don’t care about.


These are just a few ways that restaurants take advantage of mobile marketing to improve brand loyalty. The possibilities are really endless, but the key is to cater to what your customers want. More loyalty equals more sales which equals happy you!

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