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3 Useful Paparazzi Accessories Tools

Are you a Paparazzi Accessories consultant looking for some helpful Paparazzi Accessories tools?

Trying to find ways to grow your customer base and increase sales?

Check out these features included in your account that can help your Paparazzi business!

useful paparazzi accessories tools

Useful Paparazzi Accessories Tools: Sending Out Text Alerts

With your Mobile Text Alerts account, of course, comes the ability to send out text alerts!

Sending out texts allows you to notify your customers in the most effective way. With an open rate as high as 99%, texting is significantly more reliable than emails or social media posts for updating your customers.

These notifications are particularly useful for letting people know when you’re running a live sale so you can boost attendance.

Useful Paparazzi Accessories Tools: Running Live Assistant to Track Live Claims

Another tool to help you with your live sales is the Live Assistant.

The Live Assistant will track the comments during your sale and will give you a report of who has claimed which items.

This means you don’t have to sort through all the comments yourself but can simply look at the report to see this information!

Using the Live Assistant can save you time, hassle, and frustration. Not to mention it’s free with all text alert accounts!

For more info on how this works, click here.

Useful Paparazzi Accessories Tools: Gathering Facebook Claims

If you do a lot of album sales, you need to try the Facebook Claims feature.

Like the Live Assistant, this feature will track the claims people have made on your album sales.

It allows you to easily run a report so you can view at a glance the item that was claimed, the page on which it was claimed, and who claimed it.

Also like the Live Assistant, it comes free with your account!

For more info on that click here.

These tools can help equip you to run your Paparazzi business more effectively and efficiently.

If you haven’t already, try a free test account today!

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