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3 Tips For Getting More Leads With Mobile Marketing

The purpose of all marketing should be to gather new leads. What is a lead? A lead is a potential sales contact: an individual or organization that expresses an interest in your goods or services. Leads are what lead to sales, which leads to profit, which leads to a successful business (get the name now?)

lead-generation Lead generation is important for all marketing, but mobile marketing, that is, marketing done to has a few extra rules and tips.

Making Calls-to-Action Simple

A “call to action” is something that you would like your target to do. Just sending out marketing material with no purpose or goal is poor marketing and a waste of money. Examples of calls to action are “Sign up for a free trial of the service!” or “Buy now” or “Click here for more information.”

On a computer, you have the whole screen to add calls to action, but on a mobile advice you might only get one shot. Make what you want your lead to do clear to your lead. Don’t make them play a guessing game.

For example, the call to action in this article is “Sign up for a free trial account of the Mobile Text Alerts service!” We’re not writing this just because we love writing. We are tech people, we actually don’t like writing. But we view blogging as a marketing tool, and the call to action is to get trial signups for our service.


Optimizing Content for the Mobile Screen

The days of designing content and advertising for a 21″ monitor are over. Over 70%+ of web visits are from Phones or Tablets. Make sure that your content looks ok on a mobile screen! Don’t send a 4 column article out and expect good response from mobile devices.


Creating a Text Message Campaign

A text message campaign is a great way  to generate leads. When customers walk into your store and see they can get a discount by just texting a keyword into a number, most people are cheap enough to jump at that opportunity. Once they do, you now have a lead. You have the contact info for someone that likes to buy things from you. You can continue to develop this relationship, and turn that one-time customer into a repeat customer.


You knew it was coming to this, buuut, if you would like to start your own text message campaigns to generate leads, you can try a free test account of our service and get one started today.


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