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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Webinar Alerts to Drive Sales

So you’ve got a product. And you use webinars to sell your product. But do you use webinar alerts to drive people to your webinar?

Products that can be advertised via webinars are virtually limitless. Courses, software, you name it.

You believe in your product and you want to get it out to people and make some $$$ in the process! Ain’t nothing wrong with that. 🙂

Texting sounds simplistic but it’s an excellent way to drive up attendance to your webinar and therefore, drive up sales.

Here are 3 real-life reasons why you should send texts for your webinar.

  1. Webinar Alerts yielded a sixfold increase in show-up rate for Mobile Text Alerts’s own webinar. Our show-up rate for one of our webinars was 11%. Since implementing Webinar Alerts, the show-up rate has bumped to 68%. This is almost double the average marketing webinar show-up rate of 36%.
  2. PIP University implemented Webinar Alerts for their first webinar for hairdresser business owners. They found a 52% show-up rate (in contrast with the previously-mentioned average of 36%). But the most impressive statistic came when calculating in people who accessed the replay link after the webinar was over. In all, 91% of attendees saw their live webinar or replay.
  3. After implementing Webinar Alerts, mentor and consultant Paige Filliater found that 100% of viewers who attended her webinar showed up by clicking the links in the text messages. She also yielded a 12.4% click-through rate for her sales page via texting through Webinar Alerts, which is over 6 times the average email click-through rate of 1.9%.

So are you utilizing SMS (texting) to maximize the sales potential for your webinars?

You should!

Click here to give it a try for your business.

You are guaranteed to be satisfied with your increased webinar attendance, or you can request a refund within 30 days!

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  • I agree that texting is an excellent way to drive up attendance to your webinars. You can send a text reminders a few days or hours before the event. I guess, this method is more effective than sending them emails as most people are always flooded with marketing emails which make it difficult for them to determine important emails.Thank you for sharing.