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3 Reasons Why Twitter Doesn’t Work For LuLaRoe Text Alerts

Stop Doing What Doesn't Work

Most LuLaRoe retailers understand that notifying their customers of live sales is crucial for their business to grow. Retailers also have begun to realize that Facebook does not work for getting this info out.

Many of you have asked if Twitter SMS Alerts might be a good alternative to Facebook. From our interviews with retailers who have given it a try, the answer is a resounding no.

Here are 3 reasons why Twitter doesn’t work for LuLaRoe text alerts.

1) There is a limit on how many notifications people can receive

Twitter has a limit put in place for how many SMS notifications a certain subscriber can receive across all of Twitter. What that means, is that if your subscriber is subscribed to several Twitter SMS alerts, and they reach their limit, they won’t receive your alert when you send it out.

To make matters worse, Twitter doesn’t release any information about what the limits are, just that they exist. This makes it extremely hit or miss if your subscribers will receive your messages. And a service that is unreliable is worse than no service at all.

2) There is a limit on how many notifications you can send

Similar to #1, not only does Twitter have a limit on how many notifications a certain subscriber can receive, they also have a limit on how many notifications you can send out. And just like #1, they don’t tell you where this limit is, your subscribers will just mysteriously stop receiving messages.

Again, from our interviews with retailers, what makes text alerts effective is when they always go through, not hit or miss.

3) Twitter was not built for text alerts

Apart from the deliverability issues, the Twitter platform simply was not designed to send out text messages. It is awkward and bulky, and there is no way to customize who exactly you are sending the message to, or how the message looks, or when it goes out.

That’s a quick synopsis on Twitter SMS Alerts and how they are working for other LuLaRoe retailers.

Here is feedback from one specific retailer:
“I am currently using Twitter for free text alerts, but maybe 8 of my 86 subscribers get my text alerts. I sell LuLaRoe and I send out two texts every week to let them know when my sales are happening. I feel that if I had more people getting these messages, I’d have even more sales. Twitter just isn’t reliable”


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